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Suhaimi Yusof is a prominent Malay personality on local English television. He is best-known for playing humorous characters like Jojo Joget on hit comedy series The Noose and Sergeant Dollah on sitcom Police & Thief.


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My favourite Malay actor EVER!

I just had to give Suhaimi full points because he deserves it. I grew up watching him on TV and I remember his role in Police & Thief. I thought he was ridiculously brilliant and so hilarious. I loved it when he hosts shows and events because he NEVER fails to make the audience laugh their hearts out.

I absolutely like the fact that he remains so humble despite being such a talented, well-known figure in Singapore. Especially since his role as Jojo Joget in The Noose, Suhaimi has climbed the ranks to fame in Singapore. If you have no idea who he is, shame on you!

I wish he'd make more TV appearances and act in more sitcoms these days! I really don't want to know what it's like to not have Suhaimi appear on my television screen. Such pure, genius talent should not go wasted!

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Chummy, Funny guy

I first saw him as a chubby, adorable Police officer from police and thief, a channel 5 drama serial His random appearance and interations with local actor comedian Mark Lee, made the series a really enjoyable family serial - it kept my family laughing while talking about what the next episode would be until the next time the next season aired.

Subsequently, he was the hilarious Jojo Joget in The Noose - another comedic parody of Local news with a sense of twisted humour. His character, though in this show a slight calefare, never failed to make me chuckle with his silly jokes and antics.

Seems that he sticks with his comedic self on screen - but even then, his acting seems to be brilliant to make someone like me laugh.

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True blue local comedian

From Police & Thief to The Noose, I have watched most of Suhaimi Yusof’s comedy acts. I must say that he has grown to become very likable throughout the past few years. By cracking jokes that only locals can understand, I am able to relate to him both as a Singaporean as well as a local heartlander.

Being Malay, I find it commendable that he is willing to crack a good joke about his own race all in the name of comedy. I find a number of comedians’ way to cautious when it comes to this and I am glad that he has managed to break this boundary.

I hope this see more of this funny man on TV for he is indeed a true blue local comedian.

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Foodie in my own image

I'll always remember Suhaimi and his Anugerah Daun Pisang that he bestows to eateries that achieves excellence in Malay cuisine. My wish is that I could go food hunting with him, he seems to know a lot.

I love his comedies. He is not above poking fun at himself and he is very witty to boot. Haven't seen him much on TV recently. Hope to see more of him soon.

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Gotta love him!

If I could choose my dad, it would be him (okay this statement is not to be taken out of context, i'm just saying). He's very likeable, funny and has a good, honest face. He's been around since forever, and I've always enjoyed watching him on TV. Not sure if it's just me, but lately, his popularity is rising (especially in Malaysia) which I'm really proud of.

I've met him once, with his wife and kids, at East Coast Park and they're a lovely bunch. Warm smiles and everything, and really quite humble.

Personally, I think the shows ("Police and Thief", "Super Spontan", etc) he did in both Channel 5 and Suria are that much better because of him. It'll be a massive loss if he decided to move to Malaysia (since the prospects are better there) and stop acting here in Singapore!

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Funny guy

He is quite possibly the most well-known Malay personality in our media scene today, with performances in highly rated programmes such as Police and Thief and The Noose. Of course, like most celebrities, he moonlights as a host or emcee on numerous occasions as well. Having caught him numerous times at roadshows, I particularly enjoy his exaggerated stereotypical portrayals of Singaporean Malays, although he has been under-utilised in recent times.

I find that he has the ability to charm almost anyone. They say that fame can get to your head, but I feel that he is a humble person who is rooted. My friends at Mediacorp always speak highly of this man - he buys snacks for his colleagues, from the suits to the interns - and his fun personality.

Perhaps more will come in the future.

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What a dude

He was a hit in Police And Thief.

I loved the way he constantly forgives Mark Lee and does the comically bad job of disciplining his children. He has that clueless, exasperated police man role played to a T and how can you not laugh seeing a man with a happy belly like that on tv? What a success this guy is.

He has gotten pretty boring on Noose though. Maybe the directors didn't give him better characters nor better lines, but his scenes always seem a little too trying and I end up conflicted because I want to laugh (it is Sergeant Dollah delivering these anti-Singaporean lines hello) but I can't because it's not enough.

Let's hope he gets better one-liners.

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Versatile comedian with comical expressions!

I first noticed Suhaimi Yusof when I was watching "Living With Lydia". His cameo as Sulaiman, the maintenance guy was hilarious and it was too bad that the character didn't feature more in the sitcom.

While I initially disliked "Police & Thief" for it's cheesiness, I have to admit that it was Suhaimi's Sergeant Dollah persona who was responsible for gluing me to the sitcom for much longer that I'd originally intended. Following that, his skits as 'JoJo Joget' on
"The Noose" were simply hilarious!

I do hope he will be more involved in more English-speaking roles in the future, I know I will definitely tune in to watch whenever he's on TV!

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