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Hossan Leong is a Singaporean stage and screen actor, television host, radio deejay and comedian. Although he started out as a screen actor, he quickly diversified himself into many other media and he is well-known as a slapstick comedian. 


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Hossan Leong is everywhere.

Everywhere is what I'd associate Hossan Leong with. This show, that show. Despite owning an ' Everywhere' status on the GPRS, I have yet to see him anywhere! Where is he? He seemed to exist only across my television screens, plastered on certain brochures or pamphlets and sometimes sprawled on either the newspapers or magazines! However, he was never spotted in person before in Singapore; at least by me.

He has his own flavour of humour that led many to either love it or leave it. Like it or not, he is definitely a local-bred comedian for keeps.

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We live in Singapura~

Hossan Leong exudes self confidence whenever he speaks. Jokes and sarcasm that might be offensive coming from someone else somehow sounded funny when pulled off by him. Maybe his harmless countenance helped in part with that.

I love Hossan Leong's collaborations with Mr Brown, especially his 'I live in Singapura' song. It manages to outline prominent events of our history right up to the present in an entertaining and catchy song, while still being directly relatable to Singaporeans. That is no mean feat. If someone who is not living in Singapore hear the lyrics of the song, they probably wouldn't understand much about it. But for the typical Singaporean, it brings more than a few laughs at ourselves.

If you've not heard this song, I highly recommend you to do so on youtube. As youtube comments would go,' You'll find yourself raping the replay button'.

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Not very funny leh

I watched Hossan Leong on 'We are Singaporeans' and on a couple of ads. I do feel the confidence emanating from him and I respect that about him. He definitely tries his best to go all out in providing comedic relief.

However, I think his comic arsenal is weak. He usually only does slapstick comedy which can be fun to watch for a while but then it gets boring. His jokes are usually forced thinly, lacking wit and sophistication. 'Double Confirm' sounds lame and is a disengaged joke, and he tends to over-emphasis the singaporean accent in 'We are Singaporeans', making it sound unnatural. I think he needs to try to diversify his comic arsenal. When i think of comedy, I immediately visualize Ellen Degeneres, who uses a wide variety of comic elements in her shows. She is extremely fast in her witty replies and the structure of her show is well-presented. We still have a long way to go before we can reach a laughing level that can make us get abs.

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Double Confirm

My children knew him as the "Double Confirm" uncle. I could not remember the game show name but when the show was running, there was always the advertisement showing Hossan Leong playing many different characters and saying "Double confirm". That was how my children got to know him.

Being short in the show business was a big disadvantage especially when appearing on live shows where female celebrities will appear alongside you with their super high heel shoes. And guys would try to avoid wearing high heel shoes. Some guys would just lack confidence because of their height disadvantage. I had not seen this in Hossan Leong before. He never seemed to lack confidence and that may be because he always came well prepared for a show.

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Intelligent jokes

Whenever I see Hossan Leong on television, I almost always smile or chuckle to myself. He's full of witty jokes and humor. Especially on the show he hosted recently "We Are Singaporeans" where he made all sorts of quirky remarks that I couldn't help laughing at. He's famed catch-phrase "Double-confirm" and the way he acts out different roles to depict the Singaporean usage of the phrase really makes me laugh out loud.

On one of the shows he hosted, there was a particular witty joke he made about about people like him being "vertically challenged" which actually simply means "short in height" stuck to me. After hearing that phrase he used, I started referring to short people with this phrase. There was a particular intelligent ring to it yet subtly humorous at the same time.

As I am also "vertically challenged", I am very much encouraged by his confidence and charisma. Since my height always seems to discourage me in one way or another, seeing his outstanding way of carrying himself despite his drawbacks, gives me some motivation to look at my inner self too.

He's one of my favourite Singaporean comedians and hosts! As long as he comes on to host a show, I know that I will definitely enjoy it!

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Substance over mere crowd-pleasing

Hossan Leong the very funny man! You can never get tired of his never-dying energetic self. Well, at least that's how he portrays himself to be. I guess he is one of the few stand-up comedians whom I really enjoy watching his shows. His witty yet comical self never fails to make us feel happy laughing at ourselves, somehow.

The endless stomach cramps from his many stories to tell. Indeed, what's the best cure to a long and lifeless day at work? Hossan Leong is the answer. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how can he be so hyped up after a series of performances. How can someone even be alive by then?

He is definitely not an all-glam face to look at, but why don't we learn to be more appreciative of our fellow Singaporeans? If it's you, would you be able to handle a typical all-serious crowd and still not go crazy? Well, definitely not me.

Way to go, funny man!

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What a fascinating guy

Not the most handsome of faces, but do we really need another looker?

Hossan is a very versatile who packs the most Singaporean jokes ever. We laugh good-naturedly at the Jewish for the -ski at their every name and the Canadian for their confusing generosity, and Hossan Leong laughs at all of us for our Singaporean spirit.

I think it takes a lovable man to rattle off joke after joke that insults (albeit in the friendliest of ways) you, your family and your mates. And Hossan Leong is your man. He has a face that says "don't take me seriously" and jokes that deserve awards.

Good man.

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Rivalled only by the likes of Gurmit Singh and Kumarin Singapore's very limited comedy scene, Hossan Leong is one man who captures the audience's attention everytime he shows up on stage. Perhaps it is his less-than-impressive physical stature, or mousy appearance, but whenever he shows up on TV, my attention immediately gets drawn to him.

I feel that he is a good comedian. Not spectacular, but good enough. One of my favourite moments from him has to be when he collaborated with Dick Lee and made a joke about the Star Wars franchise a few years back. It was funny, and made for a really entertaining time. in my opinion, he is one man who is underrated by many in the local media scene.

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Humour is very hit-or-miss

I recognize Hossan Leong as the smiley, flamboyant local television personality. I often see him appear as a host on local shows, such as the most recent We Are Singaporeans. There were moments when he'd speak and try to crack a joke and it'd work, but also, there were occasions when he tried to be witty, but it was just awkward and unfunny to me, especially when he was the one laughing at his own jokes. I could see it in the faces of the audience and personalities on the show, they just weren't humoured, but it doesn't hurt to be polite and smile, right? Heh...

Don't get me wrong, I admire Hossan Leong for being such a fluent and efficient speaker, and he certainly does have what it takes to be a good comedian, but I think he needs to watch himself and try not to make his jokes anything but funny. Well, I guess I'll have to watch more of him on television and maybe see him get better and better at his gig.

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Hossan Leong Shows

Hossan Leong doesn't seem to me like a funny and wacky personality like he usually portray on his shows however i like the way he tackles the Singaporean issues at his stand-up comedies, making ourselves laugh at the way we behave.

Very talented of corse, he sings, he acts and he can pole dance!

I went to the Hossan Leong Show again this year, and he did a pole dance which really surprised the audience.

All i can say is, he isn't exactly the funniest man but he definitely works hard to ensure that his audience are having a good time. Living in such a fast- paced society, its always nice that we can catch a stand-up comedy like the Hossan Leong Show and have a great time laughing!

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