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Adrian Pang is a popular Malaysian-born Singaporean television actor, stage artiste and compere. He made his name while working in SPH Mediaworks, where he established himself as a household name. Moving on to Mediacorp, Adrian Pang diversified himself into the Mandarin television by protraying a number of versatile roles for which he won various accolades. 

In 2009 he started Pangdemonium Productions with his wife Tracy, creating Singapore's most kick-ass theatre company.


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Absolute love for Pangdemonium!

I remember watching Adrian Pang on this Channel 8 show called Portrait of Home and I didn't know it was a tough role for him. I remember him saying that he is much more fluent in English and that the role given was quite a difficult one to play.

I managed to catch him as Macbeth in Shakespeare in the Park and thought he did a stellar job for a local talent. He is definitely one of the best local actors we've got and I'm so glad he decided to pursue theatre works. I think that's where he'd shine the most and where his talents would be of great use.

I've not caught any other Pangdemonium plays but I really hope I get to catch Fat Pig soon. He is definitely an extremely flexible actor and a local gem that we should not let go off.

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the Pang in Pangdemonium!

Adrian Pang is very adept in the art of drama. He plays many different characters, on many different platforms. He appeared with his longest role yet on channel 8 drama series Portrait of Home (Tong Xin Yuan) few years back, starring as the oldest brother in a family rife with conflict. He is effectively bilingual. So he acted in a few channel 8 drama series and skilfully brought out each character he played.

He is also good at theatre. Pangdemonium staged Rabbit Hole earlier this year, with Pang as the male protagonist, Howie Corbett, in a riveting family drama. Although not directly relevant to local culture in any way or not classic in the form of Shakespeare, Rabbit Hole was a good choice of play to stage. Adrian, along with his team did an excellent job for Rabbit Hole. Every scene was intense, which kept the audience thoroughly engaged. It was a poignant play with many take home lessons. Adrian should go on enriching the local community with the plays Pangdemonium does with such poise.

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Local gem!

I first saw Adrian Pang's performance at Fort Canning. He was participating as a lead actor in an english literature play. What was the title of it? It doesn't seem to strike my memory chord! Was it midsummers night dream? Anyway, I was blown away by his acting skills, his polished English. It dripped with clarity and his diction was severely on point! His acting prompted the Fort Canning audience to get up on their feet and unleash a fiery storm of applause.

I was also an avid fan of his shows on screen. Unfortunately, the titles of both his plays and on-screen shows wasn't locked in my memory card. I recalled Adrian Pang flaunting his acting skills on a show where he had to tie the knot with an actress from abroad. Either she or he, had two children. The show revolved around how their marriage fared over and under like a torpedo roller coaster. It intermingled the family and comedic values drawing in viewers of all ages in Singapore!

He's impressive acting skills, extensive knowledge and intensive vocabulary led him to be one of the rare media gems in Singapore!

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Adrian Pang has been in the TV industry for a while now, and he is widely recognized by all Singaporean viewers. His acting ability is superb, and one might say he has a natural flare for it.

Aside from TV serials, Adrian Pang also performed in several pantomimes such as some of W!ld Rice's pantomimes. He shines both behind the camera and also live. The audience can feel his passion for acting through the way he carries his character, as if it were himself. With such talent, the shows that he's in is always great fun to watch. His characters also usually have a sense of humour, and I personally think that's a reflection of his own personality off-stage.

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One of Singapore's best actors

I do not really know Adrian Pang that well, but I must say I was really impressed by his acting on The Pupil. His acting on the show was really superb, full of class and style. The way he speaks English is also very impressive and he is not like a typical Singaporean actor at all.

He is one of the many reasons as to why The Pupil was one of the more successful and popular local productions. He has the ability to portray many characters very well and brings about a very authoritative and mature aura.

It can be clearly seen that he has a lot of passion for the television and theatre industry and he certainly plays his roles with pride and excellence. Well done man!

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He must be one of the most humble stars.

Nobody can argue that Adrian Pang is a star. In my eyes, he is already a superstar. A man of his status will have a certain arrogance around him but not Adrian.

I do not know him personally but the few times I saw him in some interviews, he had never come across as an arrogant person. In fact, he came across as a very humble person. I had also read that he was good and dedicated father. I respect man that do not forget their family after their own success.

I had also seen his hard work when he appeared in some TV 8 shows. Mandarin was not his natural language but he still tried very hard. He was also a natural comedian, he did not need to show exaggerated expressions or perform stupid actions. He just needed to be his natural self and that was funny enough.

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Best local actor by a mile

Adrian Pang's dedication to acting is a true inspiration to all Singaporeans. With him, you do get a sense that he is acting more as a passion than for the wealth that comes along with it. Dispute a weak command of the mandarin, he forayed into the unfamiliar territory of Channel 8 knowing that many of his fans enjoy watching dramas there.

His performance in channel 5 drama Red Thread a couple of years ago was truly an acting masterclass. Along with some of his plays that I’ve had the privilege of watching, I find his acting ability to be truly top notch. For me, Adrian pang is the best local actor by a mile.

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(Updated: February 01, 2013)

A for Amazing Adrian

Adrian's such an amazing man! His charisma is what makes him undeniably charming.

I've watched him not just on the small screen but also in Crazy Christmas. Each performance is just heartwarming and you can almost feel that he has really outgrown himself since he first started. You can see the ever-growing passion he has for everything that he's doing. From someone who didn't know a word of Mandarin to whom he has grown to become; someone so fluent in the language today. This is doing what you love, and loving what you're doing.

He is indeed quite a rare talent who is yet so versatile, and an all-rounder if I may call him. And I admire him for the simple reason of trying - from acting, hosting to local musicals and plays.

Way to go, Adrian!

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Adrian Pang is simply amazing. I love him and admire him deeply. Not only does he act well on screen, he is absolutely fabulous on stage as well.

As many reviewers have mentioned, Adrian Pang is effectively bilingual and he is very versatile in all his roles. However, what impressed me the most was seeing him act in real life.

I first saw him act in Macbeth 2 years ago in 'Shakespeare in the Park'. He acted as Macbeth, a character full of emotional turmoil and very discontented with his life. A year later, he acted as Feste, the court jester in Twelfth Night. Not only was he marvelous at acting the Fool, he actually sang wondrously as well.

I am proud of his talents, but most of all I am glad that he has remained grounded in reality and has not let success get to his head. Through all his productions, the hard work behind the man on stage is clearly evident, and above all, that is what I admire the most.

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Multi talented who has an exellent grasp of english.

He is indeed multi talented. He has acted, hosted and can even entertain. He speaks really accurate english devoid of the leh lar lorhs we singaporeans never fail to pepper into our sentences which i really admire and look up to.

I've recently just watched him on "The Pupil" in which i must say he does bring laughs to his viewers. i admire his keen in learning Chinese and i must say he is improving by leaps and bounds. He can string a chinese sentence together which is commendable and even acts in some chinese dramas like "Tong Xin Yuan". He has such a large range of facial expressions too.

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