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Kumar is a Singaporean Indian comedian, television host, and stage performer. Best known for his cross-dressing and flamboyant personality, Kumar shot to fame with his his TV show, The Ra Ra Show. Nowadays a regular performer at The Hard Rock Cafe and at 3 Monkeys Bar, Kumar is famous for his no-holds-barred stand-up comedy routine.

Poking fun at all races and the rigid cultures in Singapore, he know how to tickle your funny bone and leave you smiling to yourself in amusement.  Having hosted various television programmes and considered a electric personality on-stage, this multilingual performer has at one point or other made us all laugh at his wacky antics.



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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

Kumar is crass, crude and a hit

I could never finish watching his videos.

I remember watching one on YouTube and I couldn't hear him over my laughter. His dude's jokes are original and blunt. They are to the point and they will attack you at your most vulnerable. He makes fun of everyone -- from himself to his race to other races and everything in between.

I think what makes him a further success is his willingness to cross-dress. His comedy is top-class, and his further lack of social shame catapults him to stardom. His acts are amazing and if I ever get wed, I will hire him for my wedding reception.

If you have no idea who is he, search him up on YouTube and I swear, you will be staying on the site for a long while just browsing through every other video of his. While they are some unfunny ones, it doesn't discount his top acts.

Kumar is a hit, and I do hope he'll never miss.

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Adult entertainer

Kumar is a natural comedian and his performance on TV was always closely watched by the censor board. Kumar had a tendency to say some adult jokes but it was all natural and he was not deliberately using such content to sell his shows.

I know that some of his talk shows outside actually set a age limit for the entrance so that he can more freely express himself. He was also good at telling jokes of local flavour. The one that I had the most impression was a dig at Chinese. He said that Chinese mothers like to tell their children that if they are naughty then "ah neh" would come and catch them. Kumar is one of the "ah neh" and such racial topics are always sensitive in Singapore but the way he presented, it took away some of the sensitivity and everyone could have a good laugh.

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Kumar is high-larious after repetitions

My friend burst into the room I was in and slammed her laptop in front of me. "Must watch! Must! So funny!" My previously drooping eyelids shot sky high. I was shrouded by curiosity! My friend typed something on the youtube search engine furiously. The keypads seemed on the verge of being ripped apart. Then, she swivelled the laptop screen towards me. I was greeted by a full screen lengthy video clip of our very own stand up comedian; Kumar.

His sense of humour did not trigger me into peals of laughter immediately. It was like the reporters who communicated with other anchors overseas on air. The recipient on the other line will freeze for a moment whilst the audio is being delivered to them. It is a science thing. Science is definitely not my forte hence I will not elaborate. Likewise, Kumar's voice or maybe the contents he spoke off didn't transmit itself immediately into my eardrums. Neither did my brain register the information in an immediate manner. After several clicks on the replay button, the humour struck me like a blown light bulb that suddenly went on! I was impressed by Kumar's sophisticated mastery in the comedic genre!

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Drama Queen

Kumar is like the friend who is there for me 24/7. When I am upset, or feeling bored I would just youtube his videos and they never fail to put a smile back on my face. Cheesy as it may sound, “IT IS TRUE!”

No one is able to crack up such jokes like Kumar can. He is simply one of a kind, in a league of his own and I absolutely love watching Kumar. His realistic take with a humourous twist on real situations in Singapore just has me laughing on the floor everytime.

Everyone loves a little humour in life, and it is always a bonus to be able to relate to it. His ideas are original and almost every show that I have seen is totally different. I remember watching all his videos on youtube in one seating just because I got so addicted to it, and I just couldnt pull away from it although it was in the midst of the exam season!

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(Updated: January 16, 2013)

Sure to tickle your funny bone

Race, sex, religion and politics are all taboo topics among Singaporeans and is often left out of any conversation. As such credit really must go to Kumar for breaking all boundaries by blatantly joking at some of the most sensitive topics in Singapore - all in the name of giving people a good laugh.

I have been to some of his stand up comedy acts and at times, laughed so hard I got a stomachache. He is, to say the least, one heck of an entertainer and an immensely humorous chap. He has continuously been able to tickle my funny bone even after all these years.

Kudos to the man for making the local stand up comedy scene something we can all be proud off.

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Truly Singapore, Truly Kumar

Kumar is definitely not a crowd-pleaser and I guess he never really intended to be one. Some find his jokes offensive, but I find him true to be speaking up about issues. Although he momentarily makes you feel lousy about yourself when he slaps the truth across your face, but that's reality. No? And sometimes, that is just what we (the best office workers) need to unwind. Simply because that's exactly what we are lacking in our mundane lives.

Seriously, do we need to get so solemn and unsmiling every day, every hour?

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The complete package

Kumar is arguably the most complete artist in the singapore media industry. He has an array of talents which cannot be found elsewhere, or at least not that easily. He is more famously known for his stand-up comedy, where his jokes point directly towards everyday incidents in our country.

Kumar is a drag queen, kumar is a comedian, kumar is a host and also he is a television artist. His talents are admired even by the most popular stars. I've been to one of his stand-up comedy shows before and I was very impressed by the way he engaged the crowd's attention and kept them laughing. Nobody's perfect, but kumar sure knows how to cover up his slip-ups well. You can usually catch him on channel 5 or Vasantham central. One thing is for sure, this guy is sure to give you a stomach ache. His comedy style is simple, his straight forward and quick thinking. He can come up with jokes on the spot, with whatever environment he is given or is at.

This is one artist I will always admire and respect. Just in case anyone is interested in watching his stand-up comedies, you can go to YouTube and search. Trust me, you'll have a good laugh.

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An amazing comedian!

Kumar's comedic ways breathes fresh life into our conservative local society. Here is an absolutely wonderful man who does not mind making a joke out of himself, as long as it makes the audience laugh!

I once saw Kumar perform live at Esplanade, and I was pleasantly surprised at the forthright manner in which he made jokes about current affairs and races. Despite the fact that many of his jokes were related to race, I doubt anyone in the audience even got offended by them, as Kumar has an uncanny knack to share the joy of laughter and jokes with his audience, which definitely takes away the uncomfortable twinge often attributed with such jokes.

He is honest, crass at times, and downright outrageous. His cross-dressing get ups often amplify his stage presence, and more locals should definitely put aside their conservative way of thought and actually catch him in action!

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A top stand-up comedian

I recently attended a Dinner & Dance where Kumar performed. Food was completely forgotten during his performance. His jokes were current, hard hitting, and outrageous. His acerbic tone and straight faced delivery adds to the impact of the jokes.

Targeting all races, gender, Singapore unique issues, and Singaporean quirks, he truly has the key to the stoic Singaporean's laughter box.

I think he is one of the few comedians who can make a racist joke, get away with it, and even be famous for it. His unique style of delivery takes the negative sting away form any racist comment and in fact makes you feel that you and other races are truly uniquely Singaporean.

If you have never seen Kumar perform, go watch it now.

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Too funny for words!

I love how he is so comedic. He is the one who can poke fun at the different races and religion without even getting sued or tangled with the law.

We all know racism, discrimination and segregation is illegal in Singapore, only he has the power to make such jokes in front of the public. He puts to words what we Singaporeans are dying to express but are not allowed to. I must say all his jokes are a true reflection of the habits of the different races and the government.

His witty humor and cross dressing really ups his whole performance. Even though they are jokes, there is truth in them, instead of laughing it off, i feel we should really reflect on the true meaning he his trying to bring through his humor.

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Gahmen approved dissident

Kumar is perhaps the only "Gahmen Approved" dissident in the country and perhaps the world.

His stand-up comedy shows are a riotous mix of satire and hard hitting social and political observations, often performing to sell out venues. With Kumar, almost nothing is out-of-bounds. He'll take the mickey out of the government, ministers, Malays, Chinese, Indians; nothing is taboo. Hell, he'll poke fun at himself more often than not.

He'll pick on anyone in the audience during live shows so nobody is "safe". But it is all in the name of good clean fun. If you can't laugh at yourself, then it means that you have something stuck up your ***. So he said.

You'll find plenty of his stand up routines on Youtube. Watch them, that's about the only way you can enjoy his comedy in safety.

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