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Probably best-known for his loud-mouthed, brash and locally lovable Phua Chu Kang, Gurmit Singh has long since established himself one of the leading artistes on Singapore TV. His dedicated portrayal of Phua Chu Kang made Gurmit a popular icon not only in Singapore, but also in neighbouring countries as well, and this fact was culminated when he won the award for Best Actor at the Asian Television Awards in 1997. 

Gurmit has since moved on to expand himself in hosting Singapore Idol, and being the face of various publicity campaigns for MediaCorp. Widely-regarded as one of the best emcees in Singapore, his services are much in demand. Without a doubt, Gurmit has firmly established himself as a firm part of our Singapore arts and entertainment scene. 


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One of the best local actors!

When I was growing up, Gurmit Singh was my favourite actor. I credit it to his role as the famous Phua Chu Kang. He was probably the best local actor back then and I wish he still had acting roles in some of the local sitcoms these days. I know he still hosts events but please, don't let all that talent go to waste.

Gurmit Singh comes off as ultra friendly and just naturally humorous. He clicks with the audience well and I think that's the most important thing when it comes to hosting. You never want a host who just rattles off by himself and doesn't bother to include the audience. Gurmit Singh has perfected his hosting abilities and that's something to be proud of.

I don't really know why we don't see him often on sitcoms these days but I do hope that something as brilliant as Phua Chu Kang comes along once again. Hopefully we'd get to see more of Gurmit Singh in future.

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yellow boots man

Famous for his role in the local channel 5 drama Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, the dude in the yellow boots never gets old. The drama has died down from its glory days of having it on television almost every week night, but I am sure that the character is still widely known to everyone in Singapore. He was even the representative for an episode on the Amazing Race in which teams had to look for a HDB housing unit in the old block of houses.

On whether I am proud that PCK was the ambassador for Singapore during that leg of the race, I would say that I am not too impressed. Perhaps sending Gurmit Singh in person would have been a better alternative because there would be less “character” play involved. Nonetheless, I am still very impressed with the works of the guy, from his hosting career to his acting roles on televisions and skits. He might not be the best looking comedian out there but he is indeed a rare talent find, in the small pool of people that we have.

Charisma is what draws his the crowds and wins him his popularity, he is one actor I really have respect for.

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Professional entertainer

Gurmit Singh is a great comedian. And host. And actor. This guy is as versatile as rubber band. He's witty and funny off screen as well, like our very own Jim Carrey. Even if we know him first and foremost from his Phua Chu Kang days, Gurmit Singh is a joker that can act serious in drama without us actually feeling awkward watching it. I can't say the same for Mark lee. All in all, he's an all-rounded entertainer.

There are few artistes in Mediacorp who has become a household name in Singapore (and some say JB and Batam), but Gurmit Singh is definitely one of them.

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All round comedian

He is definitely one of the few mediacorp artistes who I feel is talented. Perhaps he does not have the best of looks or body figure, but he really is good in his roles as an actor and also an excellent variety show host.

The first time I encountered gurmit singh was watching PCK pte ltd, in which he starred as the silly and funny Phua Chu Kang. He was really well immersed in his role, and one might almost not guess this more serious looking person becoming that comical character with his yellow boots and large mole.

After the ending of the production of PCK pte ltd , aside from his role in PCK sdn bhd in Malaysia and other minor roles in other shows, he also starred in movies like Jack Neo's just follow law, where he was able to bring out the character of Lim Teng Zui to quite flawlessly.

He has also hosted a number of variety shows such as Our Makan Places Lost And Found, and he is quite well-versed in his language and is apt at bringing life to the shows. Being a jack of all comedy trades, I feel that the only improvements he needs to make is to come out with jokes or phrases not so similar to the ones he used once to often.

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(Updated: February 08, 2013)

Great entertainer

Gurmit Singh is really one of the best comedians in Singapore.

When I was younger, I seldom watched Channel 5 shows but PCK Pte Ltd was one of my favourites. Although PCK was really popular in Singapore back then, Gurmit Singh was never constraint by the PCK role. Instead, he has long moved on from PCK and performed well in other areas such as hosting. He is both fluent and well versed. And in the recent movie Taxi, I got to see another side of him. I love how he can be so funny yet serious at the same time in the movie. His acting also carries depth and made people immerse into the show.

PCK is a Singapore icon, and so is Gurmit Singh.

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)

More than just Rosie's husband, PCK

What made you remember Gurmit Singh? PCK, duh! His trademark yellow boots, curly hair, a giant black mole, and long nails on his pinky fingers. Simply iconic!

Arguably Singapore's most famous comedian, this guy has true substance and can easily turn all-serious-and-no-nonsense into nonsense! And vice-versa. Very versatile and an all-rounder, in my opinion. The local media industry needs more of such talents.

I remember dearly when he broke down in tears at the 2003 Star Awards following the demise of his father. He showed a side that we seldom saw, and it was such an endearing moment. I cried when he dedicated the award to his dad. It was a side of him that we need to appreciate more, a true side of him.

Let's remember him for more than just that PCK with the huge mole. But a truly talented host cum actor. For all the laughter and joy we got from watching him!

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(Updated: January 17, 2013)

Immensely talented but needs to stay relavant

How many times have we heard Gurmit Signgh yell out "everybody screammmmmmm!" or "say hoo-ooo!" during his hosting gigs in an effort to get the crowd excited. For me, Gurmit is one funny chap and a real joy to watch both live and on TV. But if he is to stay relevant to the times of this day, he needs to eradicate some his pet phrases that have ceased to be crowd pleases.

Having seen him all crazy and loud while hosting the New Year’s Eve countdown party yet caring and concerned in the presidents star charity, I think he is excellent in adapting to the occasion. His versatility also makes him a great entertainer whether in a drama series, sitcom, variety show or live performance.

In all, Gurmit has done Singapore very proud for bringing some much needed creativity, wit and raw talent into the media scene. He just needs to work that bit harder to keep himself up to date.

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The albino indian

Gurmit Singh is easily the most liked and well-known celebrity in singapore. He has a personality like no other, being able to react in different ways to varying situations. But the main highlight of his successful career has got to be the show, PHUA CHU KANG.

P.C.K Pte ltd was the show everyone was watching at the time it came out. This comedy show was the best of its time as I remember my whole family used to rush home from dinner just to watch it. The highlight and main character of the show was Gurmit Singh. He portrayed the character of a typical local contracter so well that, well, he could not be replaced. The curly hair, the mole and the yellow boots, will always be remembered as PCK. I've noticed my younger cousins calling construction workers PCK just because of the yellow boots. Now that's impact. Gurmit Singh is also an established host, and has MC-ed many shows for example, singapore idol. This is how diverse his talent is.

Truly professional artist, always wearing a smile on his face whenever he goes out. Have met him in person before at a roadshow. And I must say, he is a very humble and friendly man.

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He gave PCK life

Gurmit is PCK or Gurmit as PCK? Gurmit had breathed so much life into the character that it is hard to tell where Gurmit ends and PCK begins. I think that Gurmit had invested much of his energies into making PCK into what he is.

I didn't think much of his dramatic roles as he sometimes comes across a tad contrived. But as PCK he's the best!

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The 'Chindian' we all know

Arguably Singapore's most famous comedian, Gurmit Singh is widely known around as Mr Phua Chu Kang. However, he is one who has stepped out of the shadow of his character, and made a mark on the world in his own right. From hosting Singapore Idol to being a regular host on talk shows, he has shown why he is the man to learn from when embarking on a career in showbiz.

His stage presence is unparalleled. - he is another one of a rare breed of actors who can capture your attention simply by standing in the same room as you. unparalleled. Singh is also a humble man - I bump into him at my workplace quite often (no guesses where eh?), and being a familiar face, he always greets me without fail.

Truly a remarkable man.

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