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Marcus Chin a Singaporean Dj, host and actor.

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Not a very famous face as he doesn't step into the limelight much, but I've been fortunate enough to catch him on a few appearances on television where he actually managed to showcase his ability to crack jokes and think quick on his feet while hosting a show with another local comedian.

Although many might know him as a DJ, not many might know his face as he isn;t widely publicised as a popular local face in the media industry. Despite that, his skills are better than some of the others who actually do make it to the limelight because of their good looks. I feel that his skills are underappreciated.

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talented DJ and host

Every Friday at three p.m. at Channel 8, the Golden Years singing contest (Huang Jin Nian Hua Dou Ge Jing Yi) will be broadcast without fail. I accompany my parents to watch this show to know this person. In fact, I have occasionally heard about him on the radio. Apart from his scandal, I feel that he is a very talented DJ and host. He is loved by many seniors, because he know how to create joyous effect for all seniors. Think about it, in your sixtieth year, what will be the most important thing? Of course, it is happiness. He is good in singing China old folk songs as well, so other than him, non will be a suitable host for this singing contest show.

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