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Lee Teng is a Taiwanese-born Singaporean television host.

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Fun and Lively

Lee Teng has been signed to Mediacorp for a few years now, and I've grown to be familiar with this chiseled face with rather handsome features that is very pleasing to the eye.

Teng's hosting style is light and fun, and he does a great job at hosting shows to do with entertainment and lifestyle. I am especially comfortable with him hosting the variety show "Let's Talk" (he has hosted all of the 5 serious of this show already) - a show exploring various problems teenagers face today by inviting teenagers to speak about them freely.

I believe he's the most suitable candidate for the hosting the show because not only is there little age gap between him and the younger ones, he is able to asks the correct questions and lighten up any tension in the room from the seriousness of the issue being discussed via the timely intersperses of his humourous jokes.

However, he might pale in comparison to other more veteran hosts such as Guo Liang and Quan Yi Feng as he might have to learn to adopt a more mature style of hosting for more serious talk shows.

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Master of Facial Contortion

Lee Teng is one of those local celebrities whom I frequently see in advertisements. Advertisements plastered at bus stops, across the buses and on TV. However, I've never watched a single show in which he was featured in. He doesn't seem to emanate the radiant appeal that magnetises or urges oneself to flick on the channel in order to catch sight of him in action immediately.My peers who were avid fans of local celebrities did rant regarding how famous Lee Teng was.

I was engulfed with curiosity as to what was the essence that made him popular. Coincidentally, whilst flicking channels after channels, in search for any interesting shows I stumbled across him acting as a brother to Aloysius Pang in a local drama show on Channel U.

His acting skills were OK. It was neither mediocre nor spectacular. It wasn't robotic either. He was acting as an envious brother in the show. His popularity was probably due to his remarkable facial expressions. He seems to have the knack of contorting his facial expressions in a manner that evokes emotions within the audience. Quite impressive. Not all actors and actresses could master the art of acting in a manner that'll affect the target audiences emotions.

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Documentary Coverage

While I don't really have a strong impression about him, his face is recognisable. However, he hasn't been active in the acting field for awhile now - seems that most of the shows he takes are more of a documentary nature.

However, being a person that never really watches chinese talkshows and documentaries, while I might have watched one or two of his shows, it never made me wanting to go back for more - even for that slightly devilishly good looking face of his.

Still, I would know that face anywhere - seems that his face has made its mark on me, although a pity not his acting.

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Appeals to younger generation

Throughout the past few years, Lee Teng has become a familiar face at Mediaccorp, hosting several major events such as the Star Awards and co-hosting his own talkshow series.

I can say he is a great inspiration, having achieved so much with a combination of talent and hard work. His talent shines through his good hosting techniques, where his sharp mind and quick tongue make there never a dull moment. Despite so, he has never gotten arrogant, but remained down-to-earth and humble.

I personally feel he is on par with other famous talkshow hosts from Taiwan, and is definitely a great asset to our local entertainment industry.

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Young and humble

For a person so young and having achieved so much, he still behaved like a very humble person. A person with less character being as successful as him may have become very arrogant. He had a very good command of Mandarin and when he hosted the young people program "你在囧什么?! ", he was very humorous and able to connect to the young people very well.

When hosting a program, he was also able to show his quick wittedness. He would be able to react to his co-host very quickly with an intelligent response. Coming from Taiwan, he was also able to use more "deep" Chinese words and this should increase the standard of our Chinese. Especially a lot of schooling youngsters may like to watch his program, they will be able to learn higher standard Chinese.

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The best host in Mediacorp!

I always wonder why wasn't he the one to take down the champion place during the competition last time.

He is such a great host! Never lacking of energy or words to say, these are the qualities which a good host should never lack of. Besides that, I have never seen him giving sarcastic remarks or putting others down before. He is always neutral and I could feel that he really enjoys hosting because he seems to be having a great deal of fun at the same time.

He may not be the typical kind of handsome guy, but he is definitely pleasant to look at. Mediacorp probably spotted his hosting talent, which explains why he has been appearing on the TV these days. Everyone should just root for this great talent in Singapore!

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A looker and a good host

He feels like the Singaporean Siwon to me.

I don't know much about the dude but I know he can host a show. He has this very ceaseless energy about him. At times though, when it gets too long into the show or into a boring interview, you can literally hear the bored undertones in his voice as he patronizingly continues. I wouldn't call that professional, but I call that genuine, and that is a lot harder to find.

He is also quite the well-dressed man and yes this is a big surprise considering he's from Singapore. I've always like the easy way he is around his elders. There is initial respect, then he just becomes fun and witty. I remember that specially from him as a judge on a cook show.

Looking forward to more of him.

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Triple H : Humorous, Hardworking & Humble

Lee Teng, a Taiwan-born star who recently shot to fame when he clinched the Best Info-ed Programme Host Award in the Star Awards 2012. A bubbly guy, he has hosted a variety of shows, from big and small charity events to his current show, Let's Talk 3. With his good sense of humor and charm, he has managed to capture the hearts of many Singaporeans, be it teenage fan girls or busy housewives.

Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Lee Teng has always been hardworking ever since he emerged 1st runner-up in the SuperHost competition a few years back, and his hardwork finally paid off when he received his first award this year. Other than his witty hosting skills, I find him pretty humble and modest. I hope his award can motivate him to greater heights, and I look forward to more great shows from this eloquent host!

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