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Guo Liang was head-hunted by the then Television Corporation of Singapore in 1994 to launch his career as a professional TV host in Singapore. He immediately became an audience favourite with his charismatic hosting style. Today, he is undeniably one of the most respected TV hosts in Singapore.


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Household Name

Even if one were to not watch any Chinese drama or talk show, the name Guo Liang is a familiar one. In fact, it might even be a household name in Singapore. Well known for his charismatic on-screen personality, Guo Liang manages to woo the audience with his smooth, crisp voice in a slightly accented Chinese which gives the language an enhance sense of beauty. There is just something about the way that Guo Liang presents that captivates me and captures my attention.

I have to admit, his looks are just average, but he is pleasant looking. It is the way that he carries himself and the way that he presents that seem to give him a huge audience with his shows. In fact, he is usually in charge of shows that are more documentary in nature which fits his talents perfectly. He handles it professionally, and I personally love it because the slight accent removes the idea that he is even a Singaporean actor. Something that I find very off-putting about Singapore actors is the Singlish that they try to incorporate into Chinese dramas - something that Guo Liang eliminates with his accent. He gives the Chinese language so much eloquence and style.

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With his experience and talent, Guo Liang is a reputable host in Mediacorp, and his name is a familiar one to Singaporeans. I have watched many events during which he was one of the main hosts (often alongside Quan Yi Feng; they have great chemistry together), and over the many years, his hosting has gotten rather repetitive. He needs to step up his game in order to avoid being edged out by the fresher and more thus more exciting hosts.

The first time I saw him taking up an acting stint was in the show Breakout, and I have to admit his acting skills were unexpectedly good. Hope his venture into the acting field will churn out positive results.

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(Updated: March 14, 2013)

Getting more humane

When Guo Liang first started hosting programmes, he always had a certain airs about him. May be he was the best Mandarin speaking host at that time or may be that was how the host behaved from where he came from.

Over the years, I started to notice that the airs were no longer there and Guo Liang had changed a lot. From when he started, he was always in suit or other formal wear. Now, you will see him in trendy and casual clothing. He really fitted in.

If Singapore needed any example of successful localisation, he would make the best example. He had changed quite a lot to fit into Singapore. Now, when he is hosting a Singapore program, I would not feel he is out of place

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THE host

He is an actor. He is an emcee. But for most of us, Guo Liang is a host. And not just any host, he is the host for the annual STAR Awards. He has hosted it for many years, to the point that both he, and Quan Yi Feng have been identified with the show.

Personally, I feel that there are many people out there would could do a similar or maybe even a better job as him. But nostalgia rises it's head and when that time of the year comes, it just seems that the old pairing works just fine. Being China-born, his command of Mandarin is commendable and each word is articulated perfectly. He is good, but not spectacular.

Hopefully he can extend his resume and get more roles before his career winds down.

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He is honestly not cool

I never liked him.

He is a very capable host, I give him that. But his hosting is formal and without cavalier. Not like legends Quan Yifeng (who is the goddess of hosting - what with her tummy-aching jokes and straight up attitude) and Mark Lee (cue tasteful jokes in the most tasteless of situations - sheer entertainment this man is).

He is a boring host. Good enough to host but not good enough to be liked. I never liked his Shanghai accent too. Doesn't staying in Singapore for this long deflate that? No matter.

He should retire soon and hand over everything to Quan Yifeng.

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Average at best.

I have to get this out in the open: I find Guo Liang's hosting skills waning over time. From his earliest appearance where I've considered him as an above-average actor at best, till today where he has gone more into hosting, I find that his charisma and more importantly, his stage presence as significantly waned over time, albeit he is a veteran in showbiz at this stage of his career.

I guess he is now a household name, but that wouldn't be by virtue of his on-screen prowess, I'm guessing it's down to more of his friendly nature and good-humoured response to any scenario posed to him as a host.

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Great acting

My impression of Guo Liang was a good host who can handle big scenes. Till date, he had hosted many different programs ranging from variety shows, info-ad programs and even large scales charity shows and Star Awards. After so many years, he had garnered respect from the audience and became one of the most reputable TV host.
When Breakout was airing, I came to realise his acting skills are really great. The way he portrayed the villain can cause audience to detest the character. He had proven to the audience his versatile acting once again in Poetic Justice.

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Wonderful acting

I don’t know whether should I call him a Singaporean or a Shanghainese. But since he’s under the category of Singapore famous faces, I think he’s a Singaporean now.

He’s really great, able to join in the filming crew of Legend of the Condor Heros (2008), taking up the role as WanYan HongLie, Yang Guo’s step-father. He can act as a hateful person as he snatched Yang Guo’s mother by killing his father, but he at the same time is a person who is hopeful, hope for the woman he love can love him, bringing my emotions up and down along when he acts.

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