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This amiable host speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Thai and won the Best Newcomer Award at the Star Awards 2007, Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Award in 2009 and 2011 and Rocket Award for Most Improvement in 2011.  - xinmsn

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An amazing host

I hold deep respect for this man.

He's probably the most enthusiastic and optimistic host I have ever seen, and how anyone can remain so enthusiastic and cheery when picking celeries out of manure-ridden soil, I do not know, but I respect him greatly for this.

Our society is probably notorious for our constant grumbles and complaints, but this guy hosts his shows with a searingly genuine enthusiasm, and every bit of him oozes positivism and cheeriness, and gosh it's definitely infectious, because I find myself smiling along with him even when he cracks bad jokes on television.

A genuine host like him is definitely hard to come by in the media industry, and I definitely foresee him going far in his career in the near future!

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Great host!

I recall sitting in front of the TV every week, anticipating Pornsak's travel show on Channel 8, where he would visit different parts of the world and share interesting insights. My parents and I are not normally fans of Chinese shows, but somehow we are drawn to Pornsak's shows. His hosting skills are really good and his charismatic nature is enough to entice us to watch his shows.

I also like how Pornsak is adventurous as seen from how he is so willing to try out new things while he is overseas to excite viewers of the show. Also, he has ventured into setting up his own shop selling Thai food, which I have visited before. The food is highly unique and I even saw him there a couple of times, ensuring that his business was running smoothly. I think he is a really admirable celebrity and enjoy watching his shows a lot.

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Great Porn!

I think this Thai guy is very talented. Having stayed in Singapore for quite a couple of years, he can speak very fluent Chinese, even better than what we Singaporeans can speak.

This tiny frame of a guy is not bad looking either, carrying a small build, and a sparkling smile, his charm has got him his fans. He hardly, or practically does not take part in dramas, but is a host of various tv shows. He has since hosted quite a few shows, and some of the shows have even received awards.

I feel that he is sincere, not arrogant and has good hosting skills. Not everyone is like that.

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Under rated

Pornsak is my favourite Channel 8 host. He always put up a very bright and beautiful smile on his shows which allures the audience into watching them. I especially love the food variety show where he goes to different countries and introduces the source and the origin of a particular food.

However, I really think he is under-rated. He missed getting into the top 10 most popular male artiste award which I find it unbelievable. I always thought he was popular. My family, my friends and I love him. Hence, I find it slightly disturbing if that award was actually given to the artistes that deserve it most.

Moreover, apart from being a host, he is very filial to his father. I once watched a variety show on celebrities returning to their hometown. This episode was Pornsak returning to Thailand to visit his family. There was an interview between the father and son. It was really touching to see the strong bond between the father and son. His father was very supportive of Pornsak and was the main role in encouraging him to learn chinese. It must have been hard for Pornsak to come to Singapore alone and leaving his family behind.

I really hope to see him more on variety shows. His smile and liveliness brings joy to my family. He is really under-rated and Mediacorp should continue to nurture him into a more charismatic host.

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Smile like sunshine

I admire Pornsak for his courage to leave his hometown, came to a total foreign country and start building his own life. I love to watch the television programs that he hosted. Very seldom will he imitate others to attract attention. No doubt that he definitely have his own likeable style to attract his very own group of audience. Relax, fun-going and knowing when to say what is probably his advantage.

His smile is like sunshine. Never fails to smile with him and lighten up my mood whenever I see his smile. Natural born comedian, he showed us a very true side of him in front of the camera. I believe that beside hosting and commercial, this young man here have more to offer in the future. Needlessly to say, the potential in him have not been fully discovered. I believe that we will be able to see more surprises in the future.

Just by his passion and love for whatever he do, he manage to build up his style and career. I guess that not just requires a lot of courage but also a large amount of effort is to be put in in order for him to reach where he is right now and more to go in the future.

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Natural Born Comedian

Pornsak is really someone of great character and personality. Ever since he emerged in the entertainment industry, he has been well received by viewers and fellow artistes alike. His energy and liveliness in his performances really make him a joy to watch.

I really enjoy watching one particular show where he hosts visits to various places overseas. His expressions are priceless and his descriptions are charismatic and well spoken. I really admire his creativity and ability to keep his energy level going so strong even in such a tiring job. He has a million dollar smile and anyone who sees his face will certainly feel that their day has been brightened as well!

He has also opened his own restaurant and one of the branches can be found at Buona Vista’s new shopping mall, the Star Vista. I have yet to try the cuisine but I have seen the exterior of the restaurant and it already looks exciting!

Pornsak has also done commercials, particularly memorable being the Mama Lemon detergent one. I remember bursting out laughing the first time I watched it because of his expression alone. I think he is a true born comedian and has a special gift for making people laugh.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

A unique name, an intriguing character

I have to say, when I first heard his name, I burst out laughing. For reasons left unexplained, I shall not divulge why he left such a delible impression on me.

Jokes aside, I personally feel that he is a man with many talents. Although not the most good looking man around (when you are against the likes of Christopher Lee and Tay Ping Hui, you are always left wanting, trust me), his enthusiasm is infectious. He has refined comedy to a high degree, and has always impressed me how he manages to capture the attention of the notoriously-fickle Singaporean crowd on both road shows, and on television.

Having just entered his fifth year, you can expect much more from this young man.

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Like the sun

When I hear someone say 'Pornsak', the image of a bright and yellow sun flashes across my mind. Seeing him full of vibrancy and energy in his Channel 8 shows, I am sure a lot of people are just as captivated by him as I am.

Preciously, I had this assumption that Channel 8 hosts were mostly mono linguists, but after Pornsak made his appearance and showcased his ability to converse in not two, but three languages, I no longer hold onto that warped belief. He is, I strongly believe, one of the best hosts of late.

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Full of joy and charisma

The thing that got me to notice Pornsak was when someone told me he was Thai (ages ago though). I was really shocked because he looks very Chinese and his Chinese is extremely fluent. I'd say if had no one told me, I'd just assume he was a Chinese whose parents were terrible at giving names, no offense...

Anyway, I believe many people know Pornsak for his hosting skills and appearance in reality shows. He is a great speaker, and appears to be a very effortless host, because he is so good at his job. Pornsak is also an extremely likeable person, because he is so smiley and nice to his fans (I've heard friends talking about how nice he is when they notice him and want to take a picture with him).

I admire Pornsak for being a daring person who is willing to try new things, judging from the reality shows he appears in, and he always appears to be such a positive figure, which is what makes people want to watch him and know more about him on television.

A choice host who'd definitely be picked up to appear on television events and variety shows!

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Pornsak is a happy pill

I do not understand this man.

He can be bent over picking up lettuce or throwing rubbish or doing unearthly missions but he'd smile through each one so easily, you'd think he was insane. He is a crazily happy man and his shows are light-hearted and fun to watch. I do not care if it's a show about watching hair grow, if Pornsak was hosting it, I would bail on CSI for it.

He has a child-like wonder in everything he does. His excitement is very infectious and while it is not enough for me to emulate him and go around plucking vegetables from the ground, it is enough to make me feel better that maybe the farmers in the show are that content with their lives too.

He is a very inspiring man, I do hope he never gets any acting roles, I have the saddest feeling that it'll ruin him.

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