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Elvin caught the eyes and captured the hearts of many in his maiden drama serial A Life of Hope. He did not disappoint after landing a major role in his first production, bringing to life the character of Liangyi– an endearing, good-natured and filial hooligan and loan shark runner born into adverse conditions and compelled by external circumstances. Scouted as an established model with Looque Models (formerly known as Elite Models) and as the National University of Singapore (NUS) school beau in the School Belle and the Beaucontest, Elvin’s chiselled Pan-Asian looks and boyish charm earned him a surprise nomination along with two other nominees in the Singapore Fashion Awards’ Male Model of the Yearcategory in only his second year as a part-time model.

In the relatively short span of three modelling years, he has had his fair share of photo shoots and catwalk shows, and he is equally adept at both; he has also done major press advertisements for SingTel, Paragon and the Great Singapore Sale. Elvin graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English Literature. Despite being an English Literature major, he is equally proficient in both Mandarin and English. His talents include writing, drawing and various sports especially soccer and swimming.

He was involved with inter-constituency soccer at semi-professional level for a number of years. Elvin’s image versatility is a bonus for his acting career, making him equally convincing as the evil antagonist or your great-guy-next-door. This, coupled with Elvin’s willingness to learn and determination to maintain a right, humble attitude, shall put him in good stead and allow for his immense potential to come through.


Race : Chinese Height : 181m Weight : 74kg Birthday : December 23 Hair : Black Eyes : Dark Brown

Languages Spoken :

Mandarin, English Talents : Acting, Modelling


奖 项/ 荣 誉 Star Awards 2012: Favourite Male Character Favourite Onscreen Couple Systema Charming Smile Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Star Awards 2011: Favourite Male Character Systema Charming Smile 最i明星风范奖 (Elvin & Jeanette) Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Best Actor Nominee Star Awards 2010: Rocket Award 最i荧幕拍档奖 (Elvin & Ruien) Favourite Male Character Nominee Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Best Actor Nominee Star Awards 2009: Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Star Awards 2007: Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Star Awards 2006: Most Popular Newcomer Nominee, Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste


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Looking good

I remember my friend having a huge crush on him when he first appeared in the channel 8 dramas many years ago. He was the mysterious new handsome actor that always appeared in the dramas, and he left such an impact because of his good looks. We used to wonder why there was such a disparity in voices as his voice was rather low and monotonous for an actor. Despite all of it, he has made it big in the local media industry even climbing to one of the top spots for favourites in recent years.

Through the years that he has been on television, I have always liked the performances he gave. He has indeed matured as an actor, taking on more serious roles. However, the roles that he plays are usually quite similar, the very manly good looking guy, or the young chap. Would actually look forward to him taking on different characters for a change although it may be a little difficult to match given his boyish looks and buff physique.

It is sure good to have some good-looking veteran actors around in the drama to spice up the show from the poor acting of various new-comers (although they are perfect eyecandy material). Looks are not everything that runs the media industy, one of the better looking actors in the industry I must say!

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Good looking but lack acting skills

Elvin Ng is an attractive guy. He has a boy-next-door image and also a hot body. He is down to earth and interacts well with his fans.

However, his acting is poor. Even after so many years in the industrys, there has been limited improvement. He played roles like Tarzan in Together and Zou Jieming in Breakout relatively well, but when it comes to other roles, he can't portray it well. He is very weak in emotional scenes, especially those that require tears. His facial emotions are too stressed up when acting.

Even though his acting skills has been heavily criticized by many, Mediacorp still casts him in many of the lead roles. I guess it is due to his look and image. A best actor win is still a long way from his pocket.

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Hot Bot

Elvin Ng is a hunk. His armies of swooning fans and countless advertisements prove that much. However, he is also becoming the reason why many like me are losing confidence in mediacorp.

If you've watched his shows, you will know that this actor can't act. On screen, his tortured emotions are a torture to watch, with reasons that have nothing to do with the storyline. It's not like he's a newbie, either. Everytime I turn on the TV I see this guy trying to act, making him the poster boy for Mistakes of Mediacorp. So why do Mediacorp keep casting a robot who can't act as the lead role again and again. And again.

There is only one reason I can think of, and it ain't pretty.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


By just looking at his face, you can go bonkers. 'OMG he's tooo hot' many girls would say. His sweet personality and hardworking character are the reasons for his success.

I started falling in love with him since his starring in 'Don't Stop Believin' as a school teacher. His roles in his previous dramas gave him a rather 'cool' character. However, this drama showed the 'kinder' side of him. In addition, several interviews made him talk about his schooling life.

He isn't a perfect man as he is perceived to be. He skipped school when he was younger, like many other ordinary teenagers. Eventually, he found the route to success and ended up in NUS majoring in literature. A truly inspirational man.

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Needs to stop relying on his face to get lead roles

I think most of us will unanimously agree that Elvin is where he is today in showbiz in part due to his face. With that many schoolgirls, aunties and housewives going all fanatical over his handsome face, it will be foolish of Mediacorp not to place him in leading roles. But having watched a number of his performances, I find his acting competence questionable.

Watching him act in emotional scenes bothers on torture for me. He gives me the impression that he simply memorizes off a script with little effort made to improvise to suit his personal style. The result is that he often appears unnatural, stiff and boring to watch

If Elvin Ng is to ambulate the success of big name actors such as Li Nan Xing or Christopher Lee, he needs up his game quite a fair bit.

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Good-looking but average acting

Elvin Ng is one likeable guy. It is pretty hard not to like him with his affable personality and charming small showing off his gleaming white teeth. That, together with his good looks, is probably why he is one of the most popular Singaporean actors nowadays, and not his acting.

His acting is at best, decent. He isn't a fantastic actor but he isn't lousy either. He definitely could do with a lot of improvement when it comes to emotional scenes though. He seems slightly incapable of delivering strong emotions such as hurt and sadness, but he would probably do well in a comedy or sitcom.

Personally, I think he'll be around for a long time and he should keep working on his acting skills in the meantime.

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I'm not the biggest fan...

Elvin Ng probably has one of the biggest fan bases in the acting industry, and it's not difficult to see why. Tall and lean, with a killer smile that has the ability to send majority of local girls squealing, Elvin Ng is probably one of the most good looking males in the industry.

However, I ought to outright state that I am not the biggest fan of Elvin Ng, and I have never ever found him particularly attractive.

I personally feel that Elvin Ng's acting is a little awkward. I don't think that those tears or sad expressions that I frequently see him wearing in his drama serials seem very natural, and if anything, I find them a little forced.

The way he delivers his lines is absolutely cheesy, and when watching his dramas I often find myself cringing.

Sure, he's good looking and all, and I do suppose his sparkly teeth delivers him some much needed charisma, but I don't think that his acting is that spectacular to be able to be considered as one of MediaCorp's rising male stars.

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(Updated: October 27, 2012)

Kind of feels weird watching him act...

I'm pretty sure that Elvin Ng will be able to win fans, with the majority being girls, because he certainly has the looks to be on television and take on cool roles. But just one, ONE show gave me a not-so-good impression of his acting.

For example, in this detective show he acted with Rui En, Unriddle 2, and I don't know why, but the script writer gave Elvin a couple of random uncalled for English lines. It's funny because reviewer minicolee mentioned the exact line I wanted to quote that just threw me off while watching that specific episode.

"I smell something...your guilt."

There were other nonsense lines he said and whenever he said his English lines, I would just start giggling non-stop because it's funny. It's not even realistic if I were to see a real life scene of this.

I think he should really consider not taking on any English speaking roles next time. Or maybe it's the script I should blame for his awkward performance in that show. He's okay when he delivers his Chinese lines, but I feel that for the next few serials which Elvin Ng stars in, I won't be able to take him seriously... Maybe just appear in adverts for the time being and let the ladies ogle at you, heh! Okay just kidding...

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No opportunities to unleash his potential

I have watch all if not bits and pieces of his drama serials from his first debut to most recent ones. Despite hearing much critisim from many others about him, I stll think he has improved nurmerous steps ahead of his counterparts.
His charisma especially has increased from the first time I saw him.

I appreciate how he make efforrt to improve himself during his break at one point of time when he attended vocal lessons as well as dance lessons. With his muscular built, it is definitely a challenge to start dancing. Nonetheless, I admire his courage for a brerakthrough.

The most memorable role I had of him was his role as Pan Jie Ming in "Breakout". He had really done a great job portraying the characteristics of an autistic person. From this role, great potential can be seem from him, I believe that he can still much better, only with a suitable script and plot from mediacorp. The drama serials by Mediacorp nowadays, in my opinion, lack creativity and originality. This has cause many actors and actresses to be lack of opportunities for growth and for us audiences to discover.

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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

How does he stay on tv

I remember loving him in Holland V, where he acted as a hapless fool. The role was played to a T and I was looking forward to more appearances.

But instead, what I started to see him in was cheesy roles. I remember at some point he was a policeman of sorts. He was on the case of a undercover cop and throughout the whole series he kept insisting that he is sensory capable of literally sniffing things out.

"I smell something. Your guilt."

What in the world. Did I just hear the worst line on TV delivered by this hunk of a man? Yes I did. Has this killed all the good-looking in him. Yes it did. The next day I kept annoying my friends claiming that my nose is now my new announcer. So everything I said was along the lines of "I smell something. Your phone ringing."

It's amazing how a role can completely destroy a person. Man, move over please.

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