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Dai Yangtian is a Chinese born model who was talent spotted by MediaCorp and move to Singapore to act in its entertaintment industry. Due to the combination of his good looks and acting skills, his breakout role in the Little Nyonya immediately catapulted him to A-List status.

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Heroic figure

The one thing that really attracted me about this beautiful looking heart-throb would be the way that he spoke Chinese. In the first show that I saw him acting in, I was immediately mesmerised by his soft, precise accent that is gentle to the ears and elegant at the same time. He makes me want to master the Chinese language.

Despite his voice that adds on to his good looks, his acting skills are average. While he does seem to have the good look and charm of a celebrity - on screen personality and being photogenic or videogenic - he is mostly portrayed with angry emotions. It is rare to see him take the role of someone who is sad or anguished, which limits his acting potential. Having seen him take similar roles in all the shows that he has acted in, it might just be his good looks that have won him his fans, and not his acting. In any case, I would love to see his acting in other more unconvential roles If i do get a chance to. Maybe then I can see his acting skills and judge him more fairly.

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(Updated: July 16, 2013)

Pretty face with endless potential

He's such a heart-throb that my mum will never fail to nudge me hard when he is on any show.

He first caught my attention in The Little Nyonya, Together (当我们同在一起) and subsequently as Yang Zhen Feng in Breakout 破天网. But somehow the show, Breakout did not allow him to display his potential to the fullest, as I strongly believe he has a lot more to show other than his pretty face.

He is definitely one of the indifferent-looking teenage heart-breakers who will keep winning the Top 10 Male Artistes in Star Awards, only if he is given more chances to prove himself with more shows to come.

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Just a pretty face

The world is fair. When I say this, it is with a tinge of sourness. Dai Yang Tian has the good looks but he does not have the acting talent. So the world is still fair because this guy does not have all the good things.

The really fair thing in life is that if one works hard, one will succeed. Acting is a skill that can be cultivated and there had been many examples of hardworking individuals that started out not very good at acting but progressed to become very good actors.

With his good looks and some hard work, Dai Yang Tian should easily make it to the pedestal to be worshipped as good actors like Chen Han Wei and Xie Shao Guang.

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Swarming full of suaveness!

This actor was indeed suave. He had 'model' written all over just by looking at his lean physique and the way he strutted around the shows he was featured in.

I saw him acting recently on a show whose title escaped my mind. It was shown on Channel 8 at 9pm. Oh, I did glance at the 7pm segment show and he was there too! Such a rare specimen; workaholic.

He acted as a journalist who ended up falling in love with Rui En in the show.

He sported several applaudable attires. However, if not for his towering and lean built, some of the attires that he was required to use looked like a severe case of wardrobe malfunction! What's with the pastel overload??

His hair is slicked back with some glossy chemical that enabled it to glisten under the scorching sun. This hairstyle, his height and his mannerisms carved him into the word called ' Suave'.

His acting skills though beg for more room of improvement per show. Or episodes. Indeed! He did improve per episode!

Previously, he sounded like a monotone robot reading a script full of fullstops in between each word.

Fortunately, these fullstops became commas and soon there were question marks and exclamation marks.

Naturally, Dai Yang Tian has successfully shatter that mechanism which made him monotonous!

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This guy is the epitome of smooth.

He is possibly the best looking actor MediaCorp has ever since, with his extremely well-defined jawlines and soulful eyes that seem to be able to melt even the iciest of hearts. He makes dealing with romance scenes seem so effortless, and he breaks into the cheesiest of lines with the expertise of a toned casanova.

Although his acting was not that spectacular in the first few years of his debut, he has improved significantly in terms of his acting skills. In fact, I was hardly a fan until I saw his performance in a recent drama, and it was his ability to act as a coy, playful rich boy that got me hooked onto the drama.

Definitely one to look out for!

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His face is the stuff that many teenage girls' dreams are made of.

With chiseled features, amazing eyes and a jawline that seems to have been sculpted by Michelangelo, he is the definition of suave.

Yet his acting leaves much to be desired. Not particularly talented, but at least he tries. His lines are always delivered with this sort of sincerity that melts hearts. Coupled with his pretty eyes, this guy is definitely a lady killer.

This is definitely a case of good looks making up for lack of talent.

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Pleasing to the eye but not spectacular

Oh yes yes, I confess - I have a girly fan crush on this unbelievably gorgeous hunk.
But come on! Who wouldn't be moved by those finely-defined features that stands above the rest?

Dai Yang Tian first starred in "Little Nyonya" and that was when he rose up to fame - for awhile, at least. Of course, everyone was intrigued by this fresh face that they've never seen and the demand for his appearance led him to filming quite a few other drama serial as well.

As much as his suave looks has many women swooning over him, I personally feel that his acting skills are not exactly stunning.

Of course, I would pardon him for his inexperience in this industry as he first makes his few starring. But personally, I feel that the "X" factor is lacking in him. His acting is largely acceptable, but yet incomparable to other mega-stars such as Chew Chor Meng, Christopher Lee, etc. His charisma on stage is likewise, slightly weak and uninspiring.

Probably I'm expecting too much from an actor and maybe my harsh criticism on his lacklustre acting skills are unfounded.

But I can't deny the fact that he's so hot.

With that, I hope that his fans would not haunt me down with sticks and stones for the comments I have just made about him!

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Heh heh heh

Expect a little ditz from here on.

I am not a big fan of Singapore's entertainment industry and their stars and I'm sure that's apparent by now, but this dude isn't technically from Singapore and maybe that's why he is that devastatingly beautiful.

I cannot comment too much on acting because I really don't notice that far. I just look at his face and I feel like my day is complete and I'm sure if you told me he's a brilliant actor, I will patronize you and say yes and then talk about how achingly close his eyes are to his eyebrows and how that makes a man alive.

A good looking chap with promise, watch for him.

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(Updated: November 14, 2013)


I've always thought that luck plays a major role in our lives. If you were to ask me, this is the exact case with Dai Yang Tian.

His role as Yang Zhen Feng in Breakout 破天网 was a major cringe worthy moment. Even though Breakout 破天网 is Channel 8's year-end blockbuster of 2010 (I disagree; then again, I was never a Mediacorp fan), it failed to make a lasting impression.

Ever since he failed to clinch the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award, it appears as if he has gone under the radar. To put it simply(as shown on the title), he is practically missing in action. I rarely see him on the tv screen. Of course, not counting the coffee commercial which shows once in a while.

After googling him, I found out that he's set to appear on a new tv series, The Quarters. Hopefully this will turn things around for him.

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