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Chen Han Wei is a Malaysian MediaCorp Artiste based in Singapore. He made it to the finals of the first star search contest and was offered a contract where he soon become one of the most prolific artists in media corp, right till this very day.


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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Method actor

He is a very good method actor and has the ability to act a variety of roles. Having won the Best Actor three times, he has been compared to another great actor Xie Shaoguang.

However, he is well-known to use his image to help in act out certain roles. I guess a different image will help him to portray different roles, but the images should not overshadow his acting.

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Sincere acting beats it all

I'm no big fan of Chen Hanwei honestly, but he is indeed one of the most sincere actors I've ever seen. His heartfelt acting skills have always touched me and I am quite certain he has come a long way! The years have made him into the charismatic guy he is today.

Still, I hope that viewers will appreciate him more. Great talents like him should never go wasted. He's definitely more than just a supporting actor.

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Arrogance lost

When he first started acting and appearing on TV, I felt that he was an arrogant guy. It may also be due to the roles he was cast in during those times. Mainly, he would play the role of that cool guy dressed nicely and never looking shabby in any of his roles.

In recent years, he had matured and had started playing more characters and these really let viewers noticed his acting abilities. His latest role showed a different side of him. He played a hawker that totally lacked style and his acting was naturally funny without too much exaggerated actions or expressions.

Many would also remember his friendship with Zoe Tay. They were like sister and brother and their true friendship in a competitive environment like show business really stands out. and showed another side of him.

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The most versatile actor in Mediacorp

This guy has certainly aged, but he's come a long way.

He's stuck with Mediacorp through so many years, it really makes one wonder why he hasn't gotten a prize for commitment yet.

He used to be a good looking chap who could probably swoon the socks off ladies if he liked, but he has since aged significantly, and is now stuck playing 'uncle' roles. However, he definitely deserves credit for all of his roles, as he does exceptionally well in each and every one of them, bringing life to his character and making it seem real.

A veteran in the industry known for his versatile acting skills, he has practically acted in every, if not most, role types. From the casanova, to the sensitive guy, to the villain, and even as an AIDS patient, Chen Han Wei's acting is definitely infallible.

Although he's no longer a heart throb, he's definitely learnt a new skill to captivate the audience - believable acting that will tug at their hearts!

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Humble all rounder

Chen hanwei is one of those actors who is in his own class, or maybe same as another Xie Shao Guang.

Although he does not have the world weary look like Li Nanxing, Hanwei is a great actor in his own sense, and he has also super versatile from the Mr Fang in cupid's love, to the bad evil guy in one of the recent old singapore series, to a uncle with a fake stomach, or even as a ah beng. He has shown himself to get better and better with age.

My deepest impression of him was his role as Mr Fang, playing a kind teacher with Chu Yin. But in that role, I find that he is like a gentle and soft teacher, when in that times, it does not seem realistic to have such a type of teacher though. The way that he acted as a villain is in every aspect a villain and i seriously criticize that character that he acted as, which would mean that he is very successful.

A humble man, he has never shown himself to be a hot shot, but I do realise he is getting more talkative and open up as compared to his reserved manner in his younger days.

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Classiest man in Mediacorp

Chen Hanwei is an all-rounder.

It seems as if he can do everything. He sung for his show, he can act, he can host, he can design a home, he can plan an event, there is nothing beyond the limits of Chen Hanwei. And even with all these talents and fame, he doesn't abuse them or thinks himself above the rest like other Mediacorp hosts -- he maintains his class and professions. Admirable man.

I remember first seeing him in The Great World Hotel, a TV series. He was a likable character with long '90s hair. He was a natural then, with laugh lines and boyish charm emitting from him like waves on a radar. But of late, the shows he hosts has taken a more somber tone and he has since seemed to have his energy slowly drained out of him.

I do hope to see a revitalized him soon.

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(Updated: October 12, 2012)


I find HanWei a good actor. Love your characters in School Daze and Daddy at Home... I pray you make more TV shows... i'l watch your TV shows til the day I die... lah!

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Talented but needs re-inventing.

I best remember Chen Hanwei for his roles in the dramas "The Morning Express" and "Don't Worry, Be Happy". His on-screen mannerisms in acting out the character Fang Ansheng in "The Morning Express" fascinated me as a kid.

Till today, what makes him stand out from his colleagues on Caldecott Hill is his versatility and willingness to take on roles that break the mould. I've watched him play a heart-throb and a villain as well as a handicapped person. It takes pure talent to pull all these off.

He may be getting older, and it might be time for a re-invention to capture the hearts of today's demanding TV audiences.

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Good actor

Although I am not a fan of Chen Han Wei, I find that he is a good actor and he has received many awards for his acting and roles for the dramas he acted in. He seems to be able to pull off any kind of roles; whether it's acting as a over protective father and uncle, a faithful man and more. He seems rather confident as well, each time he attends the awards show.

However, I think he is better in acting than singing. There was one time I saw him singing for a concert held by Singapore, where they sang all the popular theme songs for famous dramas, and I think it doesn't really sound that nice. I am also looking forward to the future roles he will be taking on and acting out.

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(Updated: October 01, 2013)


He won the Best Actor award 4 times. Enough said, Chen Han Wei is one of the most talented bunch in Mediacorp.

His role as Lin Yiqin 子勤 in Love Me, Love Me Not (真爱无敌)was memorable. I mean, come on, his character died after getting hit on the head by a coconut. As if it's not bizarre enough, he then went to heaven. How can you forget a role like that?

And then it was Pan Zhihao 潘志豪 in A Life of Hope (活下去). It was creepy yet superb. The role won him the Best Actor Award. He attended the ceremony wearing a black rose and even joked that it's his lucky charm. He even mentioned that the other norminees should braced themselves.

Fast forward to 2008, Chen Han Wei portrayed Chen Bufan 陈不凡 in By My Side (不凡的爱). His portrayal as an AIDS patient was commendable. For this drama serial, Chen Han Wei worked with BFF Zoe Tay. The pair brought out the best in each other.

There hasn't been any noteworthy performance from Chen lately. I hope to see him in edgy roles.

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