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Listing created by delilah on April 28, 2013    

An accessories shop with 4 branches in Singapore.


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Interesting Place

This shop contains all the little kinds of knick knacks that can be seen from outside of the shop - from fedoras to hip hop caps to friendship bracelets to dreamcatchers, this place is always interesting to explore.

The friendship bracelets are arranged in colourful bunches with so many different designs to choose from making it almost difficult to settle on a design for a friendship bracelets. I think it's a marketing strategy to make us consumers buy more than what we need - most of the time I end up buying more friendship bracelets than I need. I'm now left with a stash of friendship bracelets at home.

This place also has necklaces and other accessories for people who like to string things on their neck - they sell necklace chains and strings which makes it a convenient place to go to when I have a pendant that I don't know how to settle.

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I don't remember the last time I stepped into a X-craft outlet. It was most probably eons ago when I still shopped at Far East Plaza. It used to be my go to place for cheap earrings and friendship bracelets (was that what it was called then? Pfft, I don't remember anymore). During those rock and punk days of mine, I frequent the store just to have a look-see at their products. The dimly lit stores were manned by those guys and girls with piercings and tattoos then. Such a dark time I had! Haha.

Now, although it doesn't hurt browsing their stores, I find to be rather out of place in there. In the nicest way possible, I would humbly pass.

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(Updated: April 28, 2013)

Don't like you touching their merchandise!


I touched a few strands of thread, pulling it off their perch WITH the intention to BUY. But after seeing that they are of different length, I decided not to and replaced them.

The store clerk (older lady) proceeded to inform me that I should not pull off the strands (4 strands to be precise, 5th strand just came off when I was pulling out the others) if I wasn't going to buy them! I tried to explain that I had simply changed my mind, just like if you picked up a shirt off a store rack and then replaced it because you changed your mind for whatever reason. Then she proceeded to ask me if I realized I was in Singapore??!! I wonder what she meant by that statement?? Owner of the store can you enlighten me?? Does it mean that there will be no customer service here in Singapore or is there a singaporean law saying if you touch you buy??

Because I have had great customer service all around Far East Plaza until I came to X Craft and I touched many items before I came to shop at X craft but didn't have to buy it!!

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