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#02-08/09 Orchard Cathay Cineleisure Level 2 8 Grange Road Singapore
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Beadstreet is a shop located at Orchard Cineleisure, and sells accessories like phone cases, earrings and necklaces. Other than accessories, they have their own brand of nail polish for sale and also provide piercing services.

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Cheap Accessories: More functionality than quality

This place always seems to be crowded with young teenagers even on school days. Part of the reason could be due to the fact that the place has been known to be a one-stop shop for cheap accessories. From earrings to hairties to geeky spectacles, this shop has it all.

However, although these accessories are cheap, they are meant for functionality alone and not quality. The accessories are not certified to prevent infections of any sort unlike other shops which offer that at exorbitant prices. However, if you do know that you have a sensitive piercing, it is recommended that you do not take a risk with this shop as there might be a possible chance of an infection or a bad reaction to the material of the piercing.

On the bright side, the shop has everything, especially the top of naval studs which are quite difficult to find outside - in the event that the top of the naval stud is lost.

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Very cheap!

Beadstreet is the cheapest accessory store I've ever come across in Singapore.

Despite being in a relatively quiet shopping mall, the store is always crowded whenever I visit it. Of course, this is due to the dirt cheap prices of the products - they sell earrings and other accessories for as little as 80 cents, although the price of some products recently increased to about a dollar. Still, a dollar for accessories is very cheap, so why not?

This goes without saying - when a product is very cheap, its quality is probably under par. This applies to most of the products at Beadstreet. I once bought a few bottles of nail polish for $2 each but the nail polish chipped within a few days.

Beadstreet is a great place to go if you're tight on cash - or if you're just a huge fan of saving money. Do remember that this comes with a price though - when the price is low, so is the quality.

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Cheap Haven

Beadstreet is probably THE haven for all cheapskates like me out there. You can get so many more things with just a mere $10/20, or even less.

They are littered with tons of vibrant and vivid accessories. Dainty and cute, with occasionally a touch of coolness probably best describes what you can find there. It will charm many young hearts out there, and will feed our unending desires and fast-changing trends.

One thing to note though, is the nail polishes. They really shine out because of their crazy low prices that can't seem to be matched anywhere. But the quality is really pretty bad. I'd introduce you to Essence, which you can find in Watsons, that sells really budget cosmetics, including nailpolishes for a mere 2.90, if memory fails me not. Nonetheless, they do sell attractively cheap nailpolishes which are way better in quality as compared to Beadstreet's.

Other than that, Beadstreet is the love. ;)

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Best Part: Its Cheap

The first thing to bear in mind, is that Beadstreet will probably only appeal to the younger set. They sell very colourful and quirky jewellery, phone cases and nail polishes. Not very suited for adults, I think.

The best part, and the only one, I believe, is the cheap price tags of the items sold. I've once gone crazy over the nail polishes and bought a bagful at only $2 each. However, when I got home and tried them, I realised that the quality is not that fantastic. My nails started chipping after only a couple of days.

So, to sum up this store - quantity over quality. If you just want to buy some cheap and trendy accessories, you must come here. But, if you're looking for quality items, look elsewhere.

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Crazy cheap!

I don't frequent Beadstreet regularly, but when I do, I leave with a bagful of accessories and phone covers. The quality's not THAT fantastic, but sometimes I can't help myself when I see crazy cheap price tags.

Beadstreet is definitely popular among teenagers - okay pre-teens actually - for their affordable prices and wide range of accessories ranging from nail polishes, to beaded bracelets and phone covers.

I'm not a huge fan of their nail polish. I once bought a bottle, but the quality was dubious to speak the least. And I know better than to continue to fall for that 2-bucks-a-bottle cheap gimmick ever again.

However, I do purchase the beaded bracelets there, and these are definitely decisions that I don't regret. There was a time last year when beaded bracelets were in trend for a short period of time, and accessories stores like Accessorize or Diva were retailing bright beaded bracelets for at least $5, but I was actually able to find similar ones over at Beadstreet for less than $2. And I don't think it's actually possible to go wrong with beaded bracelets (I mean, you just need a couple of bright beads and some elastic string), so give Beadstreet a try if you're into that whole gypsy-ethnic-armcandy look.

Also, I absolutely adore their mercury phone covers! Retailing for only 2 bucks each, I've managed to convince my entire family to switch to using the mercury phone covers from Beadstreet. In fact I drop my phone practically once everyday - from my bedside table, from my study table, and yes, even on my face - and somehow my phone has managed to last 2 entire years without any considerable scratches.

Don't expect quality service though. Sales assistants don't actually assist much, but I suppose being surrounded by noisy pre-teens all day long must make one terribly grumpy. Also, I don't think that you can actually ask for much quality service, given that you're paying only 2 dollars for bright, durable phone covers!

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Quality over quantity

Frankly, I'm not at all impressed at the Beadstreet's products. Their nail polishes ($2) chip easily after less than 3 days of application and you require at least 3 coats of nail laquer before being able to obtain decent opacity of colour.

Their sunglasses, accessories and other products look and feel cheap - like they are probably going to break under slight pressure. Someone enlighten me please, why the young crowd is flocking to Beadstreet? Cheap? Yes. Quality? No. Additionally, the colours you find in the shop can get pretty ugly and their products are very much mainstream.

Good buy? I don't think so.

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Cathay Cineleisure
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Everytime I visit scape for their fleas, I would never fail to go to the second storey of Cineleisure to take a look at the items in Beadstreet. The most popular feature of this shop must be their $2 phone covers which are pretty hard to find around Singapore. There are always throngs of people in this shop browsing at the different accessories which are sold rather cheaply.

I have bought several items from there ever since I discovered this gem, from earrings to necklaces and phone covers and nail polishes. Their "cracked" nail polishes were selling so much cheaper than the usual ones outside and I was really enticed into buying it. However, after the first usage, the nail polish inside hardened and was unable to be used. The normal nail polishes were however great to use.

Overall, their main attraction would have to be their cheaper than usual prices. Their designs are the rather mainstream ones though so don't expect anything special. Also the things are mediocre in quality too.

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Cheap and good!

Beadstreet is my absolute favourite store in Cineleisure. In fact, I make it a point to drop by the store whenever I’m in the vicinity, because it’s one of my favourite places to buy accessories.

Beadstreet has really awesome phone covers, and they’re usually between $2 to $5. The quality is really not bad considering the price, and I’ve seen the same designs being sold at other places for double the price. Beadstreet also has a variety of phone accessories, such as screen protectors and cables, which are all really affordable and of good quality. One of my best buys was a mint-green phone pouch for only $2! I’d bought a similar one online for almost $15!

Apart from phone accessories, you can also find tons of shades, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, at a fraction of the price that other stores are selling them at. Most of the stuff here is inspired by the latest trends among youth, so you can get really good finds!

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Extremely affordable

I've been coming to Beadstreet ever since they opened a while back. Mainly, I come here to buy their nail polishes because they are really cheap compared to other places. The quality isn't bad, and it isn't the best either, but who's complaining when they sell it at $2 a pop? They have a wide range of colours, and the colours can be comparable to that of the higher-end nail polishes like OPI and China Glaze.

Other than nail polishes, the phone cases sold here are quite nice. They are trendy, and this has helped to attract the young crowd that frequents at Cineleisure. Moreover, although the prices here are already so low, Beadstreet has sales quite frequently. I've seen them do piercing for other people while I was browsing in the shop. From my past experience of ear piercing, I can say that they are pretty sanitary. The only bad thing is that it's done behind the counter, and everyone is the shop can see you. If you do not mind the lack of privacy, then this you should come here because it's really affordable at just $4.

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