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#02-19 Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street Singapore 188067
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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 27, 2012    

Six is an accessories brand that aims to create trendy accessories at affordable prices for women who enjoy fashion. Six retails a wide range of accessories, ranging from rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even seasonal pieces like anklets and sunglasses. 


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Higher quality accessories.

With a similar concept to Diva, I was slightly surprised to see this store take over the original Diva at Junction 8. However, while conceptually it is similar, the accessories that they sell seem to be of a higher quality than that of Diva's. Unlike the cheap coloured plastic accessories that Diva used to carry, the accessories seem to be made of a sturdier material - but of course at a higher price.

However, during sales, which are common, the items are reasonably priced and you can get a few pairs of adorable accessories to match your outfit at a steal!

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Six Thumbs Up!

With other affordable jewellery stores such as Lovisa and Chomel, it's a wonder that Six is still relatively unknown, well, still unknown to me. I definitely have to get on with the times! Walking past one of their stores, curiosity got the best of me and I popped in. They have quite a range of earrings, necklaces and other accessories. Most are made of 925 silver which is a plus point for those with sensitive skin.

With wallet-friendly prices, I swooped in and got myself six pairs of earrings, in honour of their brand name. Haha. Six has now become my go to jewellery store for a last minute jewellery run before a big trip or occasion. Thumbs up to them!

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Fashionable accessories

I love Six. And whenever I feel like I want to pick up a certain accessory (say feather earrings), Six would be one of the places that I would visit first.

The quality of the products at Six are acceptable for their relatively affordable pricing. The range of products available is extensive so I have many choices to choose from. Their pieces are all very fashionable and I often end up with a basket full of accessories from bangles to rings to earrings! I am sure most girls would agree with me that Six is a to-go place if you are looking for accessories!

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trendy and affordable accessories

I've been using Six's accessories from a young age, and it seems that only recently has the franchise become even more well-known, with more outlets popping up at different branches- more places to purchase their accessories, yay! (:

Firstly, their accessories are of a wide range, from necklaces, earrings to headbands and hair bands and the like. Not only are they attractive with vibrant colours and great designs, they are also of good quality and reasonable pricing. Staff are also helpful and friendly, and would suggest certain products to you. The display of the store is eye-catching and yet neat, and also carries wallets and clutches in lovely designs. Much better than Accessorize, where everything is overpriced!

I recommend purchasing during a sale though, as it is more value for money, with drastic reduction in prices for accessories. I still have my various scrunchies from Six going strong- a plus point as the product lifespan is long (:

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Accessories store on the rise!

Until recently, Six was a relatively unknown brand to me, until they began expanding into trendier areas like Bugis+ and Cineleisure, and ever since my discovery of them, I've been hooked.

Six retails unique accessories of quality comparable to that of Diva. However, while Diva's prices are sky-high, the prices at Six are definitely more affordable, and easier on the wallet. Similar to Diva, Six splits its accessories into different sections based on their themes. The only difference is that, the accessories at Six are divided based on their colours. The store is neat and tidy, and even retails feminine wallets and purses, which definitely makes a very good place to shop for lovers of accessories.

Six also carries out sales very frequently. Prices can be reduced drastically, so I would recommend shoppers to get their accessories fix during such sales. I once purchased a ring which originally retailed at $10.90 for a mere $2.

Service wise, the staff are polite and more than eager to help, yet not clingy like those in Diva. I believe Six has definitely overtaken Diva as my go-to accessories store, both for its affordable prices and amazing shopping experience.

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