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Felicia Yeow
Listing created by Felicia Yeow on December 24, 2012    

Located in Compass Point, Montip sells a wide range of accessories at attractive prices.

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Mon to Thu: 10:30 - 21:30 Fri to Sun: 10:30 - 22:00
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< $20


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Here you go, thrift savers!

Here's a little secret: I buy most of my accessories here!

Montip provides a wide range of accessories - rings, earrings, necklaces, hair band, head bands, and even bags and badges at the most affordable prices!

They have a plethora of designs for their earrings - from those with austerity to those flamboyant and elegant ones. They have a great variety of rings as well - from those with playful and youthful designs to the contemporary, trending styles that are equally appealing.

There is also a neat assortment of the different types of accessories they sell, clearly divided into segments in the shop which makes it easy for shoppers to look for what they want.

In addition, the hair bands and head bands being sold there include a wide range of designs as well as colours to encompass the consumers' tastes and preferences!

For students and shoppers whom do not want to spend as much, Montip is the best place for you to get your accessories without essentially burning a huge hole in your fragile pockets.

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Cheap and cute!

I would say that the accessories sold at Montip at just a slightly lower price than average - not much difference but definitely still cheaper. They sell quite a wide range of accessories - ranging from hair clips to fashion accessories (rings/necklaces) and even bags!

I personally quite love their bags which are quite trendy and chic. Something to note about their bags/pouches though - the quality is quite bad so don't expect it to last long! Considering that the prices are relatively quite low, your buys might still be worth it but you can definitely get something of a better quality yet around the same price (and more worth it), easily elsewhere.

Accessories wise, I love them and i'm sure you will too! Cheap and cute; but probably more suited for the youngsters or those young at heart because of the designs which are pretty playful/colourful (probably not the best choice for the working adults). Their products are pretty unique to Montip so be sure to check them out!

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(Updated: July 02, 2013)

Appealing to the teenages

Montip appeals to teenagers with their accessories being reasonably priced and designed to be in line with the fashion taste of many teenagers. I remember heading over to Montip after school with my school clique when I was younger.

However, now as I look back on my purchases I cringe as many of the products are poorly made and are of low quality with many of them being tacky, very very tacky. I won't discourage anyone from purchasing products from Montip especially when they are going through the teenage phase, but I would highly encourage one to check the products for its quality before deciding to purchase it.

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Not bad.

I really like the bags and accessories Montip carries in the store. I am always drawn into the shop perhaps of how colourful it looks. I've been to the one at Great World City and Harbourfront. I bought a bag once there to match my senior's because I really liked hers. We always carried them out together. The material was good and the bag was cheap around ~20SGD so it was pretty much a win-win situation. They have a huge range of bags and they are brightly coloured. The designs of the bags are pretty nice, from the shoulder bags to backpacks they are all nice and trendy in their own way.

For the accessories, I think they have a very plastic and common feel to them. As in, I think that are bought and worn mostly by teenagers more than anything. I wouldn't buy their accessories if I could avoid it..

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Amazing accessories!

Montip is a little of an under rated store. How tacky accessories stores like Aries get so popular, yet the obviously cooler ones like Montip remain relatively unknown to the public simply escapes me.

I visit the Montip outlet at Century Square pretty often, mainly because it's relatively near my house, and Montip is really just about the best accessories store in the mall. Montip retails accessories such as rings and hats, as well as head wear, hair accessories, and bags.

Personally, I find their bags a little expensive. A simple clutch of regular size can retail for about $28, whereas similar ones at Bugis Street probably go for around $10. However, the hair accessories at Montip are definitely worth the buy. Montip stocks up on ribbon hair ties like they're the answer to the apocalypse, and each of such hair ties are fairly affordable, and if I'm not wrong, go for a lower price as compared to those in Aries.

Although no high street brand, the rings at Montip are worth the look as well. The rings at Montip generally cater for the edgier girls - think metal rings with quirky designs. These rings come in various sizes, so I suppose even males are able to wear them - a guy friend of mine even tried on a ring and proudly showed me how it could fit on his finger.

The Montip outlet at Century Square is tucked away at a corner, so I suppose it may not be noticeable. However, during peak hours, there can be quite a crowd within the store, and it's definitely a clear sign of how amazing Montip is.

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Century Square
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Stylish and affordable

The entire shop is crammed floor-to-wall full of colourful accessories such as purses, pouches, clutches, handbags, school bags, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts and hair accessories enough to spoil customers with choice.

Purses, pouches and clutches come in either solid colours or girly patterns and are mostly made of materials like polyvinyl and fabric, hence coming in the affordable price range of $4.90 to $12.40.

The handbags cost above $16 while the trendy schoolbags mostly come at $24. There is also a large selection of rings (not the slim, wedding-looking kind. More like the wide, solid metal kind suitable for guys after the grunge/ punk/ rocker look), earrings (from girly, dainty ones to chic hoops for the fashionista), necklaces, bracelets, belts and hair accessories to go with every look.

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Spoilt for choice
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