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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

Founded in 1989. Aries has a vision to provide top-to-toe dress-up needs to every girl and woman. Aries truly cares for your needs and wants to make your dreams come to pass. Here you’ll be spoilt for choice from our wide array of merchandise. The good news is, you can well afford all of these products – not having to go home with that if only feeling.

At Aries. There’ll always be little twinkles of joy.  


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bad and rude staffs wrongly

I used to enjoy shopping at aries when i was younger in secondary and could not afford more.

Since i started working one fine day i went alone to aries to shop alone after work.there was very few people and the store was abouy to close .suddenly there was three staffs rudely glare at me making me uneasy...then when i was about to leave the store the three rude staff roughly approach me and shouted....stop there !! I was stunned and suddenly they accuse me of stealing a necklace an demand to search my bag which they have no right as they are not the police and i have not done anything. They were trying to frame me without reason....

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Cheap but boring.

Aries sells affordable items as compared to other accessories shop scattered around Singapore. However, Aries lacks design and innovation. Most of their merchandise are pretty standard and the times where I see attempts at actually making more elaborate designs (or basically, designs that look like more effort has been put in), they usually turn out pretty bad.

Their designs aren't the sort of minimalist style, even though they aren't elaborate. Some of their designs are decent but aren't eye-catching. Their necklaces are more useful to me though. Whenever I have a nice shirt and need a necklace that doesn't catch attention, Aries can offer at least some designs that may match my clothes.

Overall, Aries isn't bad. But they barely stand out from the ever-growing crowd of accessory shops for girls.

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Affordable but no substance

Back in the days when my pocket money didn't allow for much extra curricular purchases, Aries used to be the accessories shop where I went to buy all my knick-knacks.

Everything there is really affordable. From hair accessories to nail polish to face paint aka cosmetics, it was simply beauty galore during my school days.

However, as I matured, my expectations of the things which I spend on was also raised. LIke most of the past reviewers, I didn't see much promise in the affordable accessories which were pretty much one-time use or they had high tendency to break under slightly rougher usage.

They still have a wide range of fashion and beauty products there, but I frequent Sasa nowadays to fulfill my beauty needs.

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cheap hair accessories

Aries sells everything that a girl needs. Ranging from hair accessories like hair bands, rubber bands, hair clips, combs, to earrings and necklaces, to makeup accessories like face powder, lipsticks, brushes etc.

I have never tried their cosmetics as they are really too cheap and I do not dare to try them. Because I am allergic to certain types of metals, I do not buy their earrings and necklaces too. Though they are really cheap, like $3 for a pair of decent looking earrings, they look pretty flimsy.

Their hair accessories which include hair bands, hair clips, rubber bands, hair ties, combs, pins, etc are what attracts me to the shop. They've got a huge variety of colors, designs and sizes. Literally a shop where you can find everything you need for your hair. Not to mention, they are sold at really affordable prices too.

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Poor quality

For the amount of money that I fork out, I probably can't expect much from the accessories that I purchase but I would honestly spend a bit more money elsewhere and get better quality.

The accessories that I buy from Aries usually fall apart within months. One necklace that I bought even came undone by itself while I was walking, much to my irritation. I can get cheap accessories at Forever 21 too, and get much better quality. Although Aries deserves praise for selling its accessories at such affordable prices, it should not neglect its quality - I am sure consumers are willing to pay for better quality.

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Low quality but affordable merchandise

Aries sells a wide array of ladies fashion products ranging from hair accessories to jewelleries as well as basic cosmetics. Most of the hair accessories are generally very colourful and have cute designs, rendering them more suitable for young children. School girls can get black hair clips and rubber bands here though at a very affordable price.

The prices of the jewelleries varies pretty much though, there are earrings going for as cheap as around $1 as well as necklances priced over $10. I would say that the jewelleries available are not the prettiest you can find around but if you spend some time looking through the collections you may be lucky enough to find a lovely one. Warning though, most of the jewelleries are not of the best quality. Once i bought a pair of earrings and it broke after one day.

As for the cosmetics, I wouldn't dare to buy them as they do not appear to be very safe and credible. I presume most of these cosmetics are cheap low quality imports judging by their appearance. However I did buy nail polish from Aries before at around $2.50 and the quality is nowhere comparable to those you can buy at Sasa for the same price.

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Sun Plaza
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(Updated: January 16, 2013)

quite good to buy hairclips

The items in Aries are not very good in quality although the price is still reasonable. I usually go there to buy hair clips as they are cheap and you can get 3 or 4 small clips for $1. However, as I have sensitive ears, once I bought their 925 silver earrings and it tarnished after a while.

So, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience buying their earrings. I recommend buying hairclips there instead. Nevertheless, I suggest it is good to apply for membership so that it is more worth it as every purchase is entitled to a 10% discount.

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Wide array of stocks, but of low quality.

Aries is a decent place to shop, as it offers a rather large variety of accessories at low prices. Most of the items fall below $10, even necklaces and earrings. The staff are friendly and usually do not follow you around, which is what I like.

However, these are often of low quality and tend to spoil easily. Those items with rhinestones in them usually cost more, but yet, the quality isn't good. I bought a hairpin with rhinestones a while back, and the gems started to fall after a few times wearing it!

For those who seek good quality goods, Aries isn't the place for you.

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Cheap but not so Good Quality

I like Aries for its clean, white and spacious layout with a tiny touch of pink to maintain the girly-ness. Because the accessories are always neatly arranged in the rows, I do feel tempted to step in everytime I pass by one.

The price range is also very reasonable, except for the items that have the “Imported from Korea” stickers on them. Those tend to be quite expensive, about $10+. I like to buy their simple earrings because these can be quite cheap, around $2-3 a pair for very cute, simple designs appropriate for school. However, the quality is not spectacular as the pattern breaks off the stud quite easily. The earrings are also prone to mold despite my removing them before bathing so I have to clean them very often.

The hair accessories are generally nice but the range is small. They are all quite normal designs such as hairbands with bows or flowers attached. The hair ties are also very normal, with no particularly outstanding designs hence I have not purchased any of these from the shop.

Overall, shopping at Aries is quite a pleasant experience for me because the staff do not follow you around and they are also quite friendly.

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Disregarding the entire cheap, gaudy vibe that simply oozed from the storefront, I decided to enter the store.

I wandered around the store aimlessly for a while, glancing over the products. They seemed cheaply made and of low quality, and there wasn't anything that I particularly liked. I did manage to pick up some of the more simple hair accessories though. I purchased a few bundle packs of coloured hairbands- necessities for school.

I'll give it this though - the prices of the products are extremely low. Probably to match the quality, but well, it sure is a place to visit for cheap-hair-accessories junkies.

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