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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 16, 2012    

Couple Lab is a couple-concept jewellery store. It offers a wide variety of jewellery which include necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Ideal for gifts.

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Beautiful rings and nice service!

I heard of Couple Lab when a best friend showed me a ring her boyfriend gave her as an anniversary present. The ring was silver and on the inner side of it were the engravings of the name of her boyfriend. I personally felt jealous as in my opinion, the design of the ring was simple, beautiful and it expresses the bond between two people.

Couple Lab is certainly one of my favourite choices when faced with the choice on where to get a couple ring. Mainly because it has many outlets in Singapore, beautiful rings and offers good service. Although the rings are a little on the pricier side, I feel that the designs and sleekness of their rings are pretty and perfect for people who are just starting out in a relationship.

A few months ago I went to the outlet at Serangoon NEX with my boyfriend to get a pair of rings. It was hard to pick with the unique and exquisite designs laid out in front of us but we finally selected one and sent our selections for engraving after giving our ring sizes. When we got back the rings, I was really happy at how the engraving turned out in the end.

The thing I like best about couple lab is their service from the selecting process all the way to after the service where we could actually come down send our rings for polishing when there's a need to. That after-service helps ease the pain of the unpleasant price of the rings that Couple Lab sets. Overall, a place that couples can consider when they have a lower budget as compared to the main jewellery places like SK Jewellery and etc.

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(Updated: February 07, 2013)

sisters over misters

I bought a pair of Couple Lab rings once, for my best friend's eighteenth birthday. It was quite an awkward encounter, actually. See, every pair on display was male-female, big-small.

Just imagine.. "hi, uh, do you sell, like, uh, two female rings?"

Yup, definitely not one of my smoothest moments. The girl at the counter handled it well, though. Anyone could tell she was feeling just as awkward as I was.

"uh, I can measure your finger size, but about your, um.."
"friend, my friend."
"ah, yes, okay, can you estimate her finger size?"

Needless to say, I'm glad that transaction didn't last long.

I ordered two black rings with laser engraving on the inside for $58, and they were exactly what I wanted. The wait was only about half an hour, and the rings are pretty durable.

The only thing I didn't like so much was a similar engraving of the store's name inside, but I guess they have to brand their own products somehow. And I guess if it's about the store in general, I did think quite a bit of the other jewellery on display was kinda tacky, even cringeworthy. But then again, to each his own.

I'd definitely recommend it for friends, if you're close enough. And if you're same-sex friends, just try to be less awkward than me. I had to bypass the counter again afterwards and we had the most awkward eye contact ever.

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Plaza Singapura
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Nice trendy looking rings

I have walked past Couple Labs many times and many times I have stopped to look at the designs that they have.

I find that the rings are very unique as most of the designs they had are usually in a pair. Well, I guess this is a stupid comment since this shop is called "Couple" Lab. But there do have very unique designs and some of the designs could even be matched together for a wholesome look, not just being identical

Although I do agree the fun nature meant that this store would probably be more suited for younger couples who wanted something affordable (Its not very expensive, a pair is in the range of $50 to 60 made of stainless steel), but it would probably made for a surprise gift once in a while, just to spice up the relationship, as some of the designs are pretty good.

Personally, I do like some of the designs where they matched the steel and black look together. This results in a very trendy and young look for the wearer. But of course, it might not fit all ages, but this is something that is the trend even in some upmarket jewellery stores.

It's good to be young.

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Great for small surprises for the other half

Personally I feel that the couple lab is a thing for the young couples in love. For the slightly matured couples, I think they would prefer other jewellery shops that offer higher quality jewelleries at higher prices, perhaps signalling longer lasting love or as a deeper commitment in our modern society.

Aside from all the couple rings, I like them for their necklace where you can customize with your names, perfect for couples and even individuals. Although they also offer a wide range of designs catering to all, I feel that their packaging and logo seems a little too "cartoonish".

Overall, the affordability of the couple lab's items is suitable for small surprises for the other half. They do have more elegant and matured designs but their concept seems to appeal to the younger generations more.

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My wife wanted one

My wife and I once passed the shop and she pulled me in to take a look. You see, this shop sold most things in pair so it would be odd a single person to walk into the shop. Although there must be people doing, especially those that wanted to surprise their partner.

I knew my wife must have wanted to visit the shop for a long time but we seldom passed the shop together and she just did not want to be the odd person. What I noticed was that the customers were mostly younger couples, those on a budget. The more established couples would be visiting some jewelry shops.

My wife just wanted to see the unique designs of the rings, we were not really thinking more rings, I am already wearing my wedding band and will not want to be wearing more rings than required. If you watched Justice League cartoons before, some of the rings sold there had a similar look, when paired together, it would join perfectly just like the couples that bought them should be joined perfectly.

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Expensive but still worth it in my eyes

Couple lab, as the name implies, is the primary place for couples to purchase their couple rings although they do sell a variety of other silver or steel accessories like bracelets, chains or pendants.

The couple ring worn on my finger now is also purchased from Couple Lab, costing $80+ each (read: each). That means we (my partner and me) spent $160+ on our couple rings. As we wanted to be different, unlike the usual engravings on either the inner or exterior of the rings couples opt for, we chose a design whereby pieces of metals are being totally cut out from the ring, making it hollow at parts but spelling out our names. It's not engraved on the ring but rather, it's part of the ring now.

We have also selected our engravings to be in Chinese wordings and with the multiple strokes, the engraving process must be even more tedious. The result was great, our names clearly seen from a glance and you wouldn't need any second guesses. Drawback of the ring design is that the empty holes tend to trap dust and dirt from time to time and we have to really clean it well.

Plus point about Couple Lab, they offer lifetime polishing services whereby if you accidentally scratch your ring, you can bring it back to them (without the need for a receipt) and leave it with them for a few days for polishing and you'll have it back as good as new. I believe they allow this service even without any proof of purchase due to their unique design.

Personally, I see it as money well-spent for the couple rings signifies the commitment held between the couple as well as an additional memory shared between the two, even if things didn't turn out well in the end (provided it wasn't thrown away in the fit of anger).

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Lifetime free polishing
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Illuma (now Bugis+)
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Seems to be a curse

A place for young couples that are so in love who decide to get their rings before they are even officially engaged.

I feel that it's just a shop that 'cheats' young couples' money. I didn't mean it as bad as how the word suggests but you see, when you're in love, you do things that are sweet isn't it? I consider purchasing a pair of couple rings as something youngsters would do to show their love towards their partner. However, I feel that it's really a waste of money. Each pair of rings can cost over $80. And $80 for just a moment of happiness? I don't know why but I have this really strong bias against teenage couples purchasing rings, probably because of my past relationships that didn't turn out good and I blamed it on the rings. It just seems to be a curse, not only on me but friends around me too. I know, I'm superstitious.

Whatever the case, I just don't find buying a pair of couple rings practical enough to show your love towards your partner except for weddings of cause.

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Plaza Singapura
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The to-go place for young things in love

I used to work opposite this place and man was it entertaining.

I'd see couples walk in day in day out trying on rings and giggling and in love. And barely a month later, I'd see the separated halves with their new halves shopping for new rings and giggling in different tones again. Don't doubt consistency - your girlfriend will force you, the new boyfriend, into doing things her ex-boyfriend probably did for her, and in this case it's getting short-lived rings.

I am deadly sure most of the rings met a demise by being thrown onto a road or a sea or something equally dramatic of the sort and it's no waste. The rings at Couple lab are pretty sub-standard and nothing too special. The plagues here are a lot prettier but just as cheesy.

The only saving grace is the slightly more affordable prices.

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