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#03-29/30 Northpoint 930 Yishun Avenue 2 Singapore 769098
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YELLOW offers a variety of bags and accessories for men and women.

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An almost dead trend

Ah, my favourite shop back when I was 10. Yellow was the Fossil and Kanken of the late 2000s, the one-stop shop for all us primary students’ accessories and bags.

Yellow was the shop I made a point to visit whenever my mum brought me to Northpoint. I almost always left with a new pair of earrings, and made sure to check out the latest wallet, fake leather or vinyl backpack. I’ve always liked wearing black from young, and so the stall’s rather gothic and street style appealed to me greatly.

That’s from a long time ago - I’ve since upgraded, of course. Yellow is a thing of the past, and its inability to adapt to the ever-changing trends has resulted in many of its outlets shutting down - for the better.

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They're all yellow

Reminds me of my secondary school era where I was quite into the things that they sold - such as chokers, large belts and colorful laces. They're very comparable to 77th Street, THEN. But now it seems like they have changed the concept of their stores and started selling clothes that looks quite unappealing to the younger masses. In fact, I don't even know if the clothes are appealing to anyone at all, since the store is usually empty.

They no longer sell those kind of metal earrings, chokers and leather bands. I guess they jumped on the bandwagon of fashion retail and dived into this sea of horrifying clothes.

Yellow, what happened?

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Really peeved with Yellow!

I once bought a school bag from Yellow at $40 and after less than half a year, the zip was spoilt and I cannot zip it. Worse of all, sometimes it is fine and sometimes it is not. So by carrying it everyday to school, I had to face unpredictable situations where the zip although zipped would unzip by itself. Even after going to Yellow for repair twice since it was under warranty, eventually the zip still gave away.

Since then, I only purchase my plastic plain ear studs from Yellow because I do not know where else sells plain plastic ones. They used to sell a pack at $1 but now it is $2.

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Too passe.

I remember their shop used to be the huge thing in my primary school years where possessing a wallet, pencil box or a bag would earn you stares of jealousy and envy from your friends. Like many trends, this "Yellow" trend has since come and gone.

The kids nowadays don't frequent yellow anymore. Ever since the trend has passed, the shops are vacant and quiet, with little or no customers, prices keep going down, discounts keep on coming up. Still, little people. The goods they sell are really very "last season". The fact that they do not bother to change their goods according to the latest fashion trends show lack of interest, no wonder the poor business.

I don't even bother walking in to take a look anymore.

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A place that has gone too far down

In my secondary school years, Yellow was the hottest thing next to 77th Street.

Now it resembles and feels like a miniature ghost town with the occasional reminiscent tourist stepping in to find themselves immediately attended to by the salesgirl. It is because of this that I don't even bother dropping by anymore.

In my years, there would be a Yellow in immediate vicinity. We would say "eh that bag looks good, let's go check it out after school," and we'd rush to our nearest Yellow store. Now, I cringe seeing their logo and generally it doesn't come to mind anymore.

All things come to die, and Yellow will eventually.

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West Mall
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(Updated: November 01, 2012)

Nice bag, but no customer

When I was still in my secondary school, Power-9 brings in the ‘hot trend’ at that time, but when Yellow appears, Yellow became the ‘in thing’, most of my classmates, including me, bring Yellow bags to school. After I graduated, I don’t see Power-9 anymore but Yellow is still around. However the shop seems pretty quiet whenever I walk past nowadays. I guess the trend doesn’t cater to many, even the youngsters now are looking at other brands. Whenever I go near to look at their bags, the sales-girl will quickly come over; wanting to see what she can help but it’s because of this that I quickly turn away, simply because I don’t plan to buy any bag.

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