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#03-12 - #04-11 Orchard Gateway 277 Orchard Road Singapore 238858
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Cheryl Lee
Listing created by Cheryl Lee on October 28, 2014    

[email protected] is a public library housed in Orchard Gateway Shopping Mall. The library spans two storeys and is Singapore's first public library that sought public feedback and suggestions on its design. 

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a sleek, stylish space

A library being built in the heart of Orchard sounded a little strange to me, and only when I made the trip down to Orchard Gateway did I understand that [email protected] is a hideout, an escape from the bustling city and shopping belt.

I’ve seen photos taken top-down of the sleek, contoured bookshelves as well as the ladders around the library. Just wandering about the library was very therapeutic, as the bookshelves created an experience of being immersed in an entirely different world. [email protected] is primarily a design library, but I adore the layout of the library, allowing all readers to experience design in more ways than one! While the upper floors are stocked with design books meticulously picked out based on public feedback, the lower levels have a decent collection of fiction books, so there’s something for everyone. One of the most interesting features was the Cocoon, a single-seater that really allows me to have complete privacy.

You can hardly find any peace and quiet in the city, and that’s exactly what [email protected] offers us. [email protected] is probably my favourite public library, and I really hope NLB continues engaging such design thinking for future projects.

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Singapore’s classiest library

The revamped Orchard library provides readers with a chic and classy environment to have chill in. The glossy wooden floor and rows of white shelves filled with books look very inviting.

The crowd at Orchard library is similar to that of other libraries – slightly crowded with students during exam periods. For people who cannot reach the top shelf, Orchard library also has cool ladders for readers to climb. Aside from the judgmental stares, it is a whole lot of fun, posing on the ladders for my next Instagram photo. There’s also something about books or the new environment that smells really fresh and I like it a lot.

Orchard library has a very clean feel to it and the photogenic setting makes me overlook the limited variety of books as compared to other public libraries. It has a certain elegance and style that makes it worth visiting.

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(Updated: October 28, 2014)

New books, cosy spaces, cool hideout

After a seven-year hiatus, [email protected] finally returns, this time bigger and better. Spanning two levels in the newly opened Orchard Gateway Shopping Mall, the new library carries the largest collection on arts, magazines and novels in all four languages.

The library also features innovative designs like snaking bookshelves, and cocoons where readers can enjoy some quiet time in a pod-inspired setting, as well as touchscreen OPEC stations. Magazines are also stacked in drawers, which in my opinion, keeps everything neat and preserves the magazines’ conditions.

I visited the library last Friday and was awed by the library’s cool and chic designs, as well as the display of Orchard Street’s heritage. With new books and cosy little spaces, what’s not to love about this new hideout in the heart of Orchard!

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New books, cosy space
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