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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

S'pore Discovery Centre (SDC) is a state-of-the-art 'edutainment' attraction that celebrates the Singapore Experience. SDC strives to share the Singapore Story and inspire a desire to contribute to Singapore’s future. It is a place for everyone, with its wide range of fun-filled multi-media interactive presentations and games. Visitors can experience the Singapore Story with insights into the nation's challenges, dreams and aspirations, and ultimately what makes Singapore tick – the Singaporean heartbeat. Key Highlights: · XD theatre · Shooting Gallery · SAFTI Bus Tour · Giant Screen Format 3D Film

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8.30am - 6pm daily
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$13 (Adult) / $7 (Child)
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Not as bad as I thought

Singapore Discovery Centre is located at the other end of Singapore, a walking distance away from Joo Koon MRT (EW29). It is of no wonder not many of us have actually been there unless it is for one of the many schools trips organized by your school.

If you have a day to spare and ran out of ideas as of where else to spend a day at in Singapore besides shopping and eating, the Discovery Centre would be a good alternative. Do take note that it is open on every other day except Mondays. There is free admission for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR). It includes entry to their Permanent Exhibits Gallery (PEG), a special movie for an estimated of twenty minutes as well as a SAFTI bus tour. You did not hear me wrong; yes, you do not have to pay for these.

That alone will probably take up a good two hours at least. Inside the Permanent Exhibits Gallery, they have an upper and lower gallery. That would mean quite a lot of things to see. Most of the exhibits are interactive and it would be more exciting if you go along with a group of friends. You all can participate in the activities at the same time. You can choose to join in the guided tours conducted too. The SAFTI bus tour will allow you to gain insights and see how the training grounds of Singapore’s military looks like. Both timings for the bus tour and guided tours can be found at their website.

Sign up for their Crossfire Paintball. They provide shower facilities after your session too! Other attractions include the 4D stimulator ride, shooting gallery and pedal boat ride. However, these will be at your own expense.

Feel free to approach any of the staff as they seemed friendly and should be able to answer any of your enquiries. There are other smaller exhibits in the gallery and Singapore Discovery Centre itself. If you have not been there for quite some time, I would recommend a visit down and discover what this place has to offer.

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Expanding our Knowledge of Singapore

People have often mistaken the Singapore Discovery Centre to be the Singapore Science Centre, and I used to be one of them. It might be due to both being situated in Jurong. Having recently brought my nephew to Singapore Discovery Centre, I find it different from the other children's interactive centre because of the different attractions and exhibitions available.

Unlike the other, Singapore Discovery Centre is focused on the upbringing of Singapore as a country and the survival of her in this developing world. Attractions such as the crisis simulation theatre and the battlefield command allow visitors a first hand look at Singapore's defence forces at work.

This is definitely the place to be, to teach our young ones the importance of racial harmony and to be proud as a Singaporean.

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Quirky and new moments

Have you ever felt the thrill of learning something new? Or the confirmation of something you always knew was right but never had the means to prove it? Singapore Discovery Centre was one such place for me, especially when i was a young kid. I remembered that my school seemed to be organising a trip to the place once every term, and such 'learning journeys' formed the crux of my primary school life, much to the disapproval of my parents, who wanted me to focus on academics.

I loved the interactive aspects then of the Discovery Centre. I mean, don't you feel amazing (Those technologies were considered state of the art more than 10 years back, when i was still a primary school kid) when one swipe was needed for bubbles to pop up, or feel delighted when a voice read the information out for you?

The plant and insect exhibits then were amazing. Being interested in outdoors, I had fun playing around with insects (Having built an ecosystem in a fish tank with insects, plants and even a frog or 2) as well as the plants. The Venus Fly Trap fascinated me then, and I was interested in seeing how it trapped a fly which landed on it and devoured it (a bit sick i know, but ain't young kids the curious types?)

Years on, when I went to SDC for the Army exhibition recently, such facts no longer interested me or made me feel wonderful as they're too simplistic to amaze you. I guess you'll grow tired of them as they become too simple after years of education. But honestly, it is a place where i'll recommendation to kids hoping to make their first discoveries! They'll really have an enchanting time!

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The movies here

The first time I came here, I had already experienced Science Centre. The tempation to compare was there. Although the Discovery Centre had really nice exhibitions, the highlight was simply the cheap 3D movies they had there. Whether it is full length theatre movies or short films, the experience is great.

Another standout Discovery Centre has is the design studio, which was a really fun simulation game. Also, there is this talking robot which beats the one in science centre.

Overall, the attractions may teach me a little more about Singapore, but they are not interesting enough and may get boring.

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Once is enough

I went to Singapore Discovery Centre during one of my holidays with my family, and we had a rather enjoyable time. Not only were there complimentary movies, the interactive exhibits were also intriguing and fun to play around with. My favourite is the talking robot, which verbally answers your questions.

However, when I had to go there again for a school trip, the same displays and exhibits became boring, because I had already seen everything before.

I would still recommend parents to bring their children there, because it does offer details and information about Singapore that would broaden one's knowledge.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Discovery? When will it function?

This is probably the most disappointing place I have ever been to in Singapore. It promised so much. It delivered so little. The main problem? It was supposed to be hands on and interactive, but half the exhibits did not work.

We were treated to a guided tour. First, the guide introduced us to the interactive robot at the entrance.

‘Sorry, it seems to be out of order.’
You can accept one thing being under repair or whatever, but…
So we moved right along to the playground of ideas.
‘Sorry, something wrong with them. Not working today.’
Walk into the battlefield command. It worked. Mildly amusing, if you like killing people.
‘Would you like to learn to dance?’
‘No thanks. I have a nail in my toe.
‘Let’s try the design studio?’

Perleeze. I kid you not. We could not get it to respond. By this stage our guide had melted into the background. Maybe he didn’t work any more either, or, more likely, he was embarrassed, as he should have been.

Sorry. I expected to be overwhelmed. I imagine that the two other visitors there at the same time also expected the same.

We were disappointed. This is Singapore? The IT leader of the world?

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(Updated: January 14, 2013)

Abit awkward..

I went to the Singapore Discovery Center during my NS days and several platoons of us were forced to watch a film depicting Singapore at war and how ordinary people like us in National Service is gonna save the day. It was a show aimed at instilling national patriotism in us, reminding us that contrary to what we are actually living and experiencing, NS is not a waste of time.

To be fair, I enjoyed the show a lot. The story and battle scenes were well filmed like an action movie with you knowing you're one of the good guys coz you're in NS training for precisely that proverbial war. It makes you feel good about yourself and believe that you will one day become an indispensable soldier.

If you are a soldier, that is.

I, together with my platoon mates, are trainees of the Singapore Civil Defense Force. We don't hold guns and kill people, we hold fire hoses and kill fires. The only scene remotely connected to SCDF in the whole show was a shot of an ambulance streaking past the camera, sirens blaring to convey the start of war.

This was obviously a film made for the SAF, Navy and Air Force. From what I rem, even the Police have more scenes than us! The aftermath of the film was pretty awkward because even our instructors and guides dunno what to say, lol.

As we filed out of the theatre, we discovered that the SDC is actually pretty fun with many engaging exhibits. However, being chao recruits, we couldn't stay too long before we were led back to our prison camps. Thus, the failed attempt at national education remains my most memorable part of SDC.

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National Education

During one of my in camp training, one of the programme in our training programme was National Education. The officers were very secretive of what we would be doing for the programme. On the day before the programme, we were told to report in civilian clothing the next day.

On the day itself, we were told we would be going to the SDC (Singapore Discovery Centre). SDC showed the history of our national building and also includes many multimedia presentations to keep the young interested.

The outdoor area also included a downsized SOC course where children could try out the obstacles course that all recruits need to learn to fear. Then there was also the shooting gallery where you could try shooting the rifles that our Army is using.

The tour would also end with a National Education show in the 3D theatre. How could a National Education trip end without a National Education show?

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I love the Singapore Discovery Centre!! Ever since I was a little girl, the SDC would fascinate me. Especially with the numerous displays of talking robots and the little nuggets of information written on the explanation boards throughout the centre. The information they contained would feed my curiosity and I would eagerly ask any staff member around many questions in order to know even more. The staff are friendly and are very willing to share more information about any of the displays and try their best to answer the endless questions that they are asked by children.
Definitely worth a visit!

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Worth the visit!

I was at the Singapore Discovery Centre just earlier today, and it was quite an enriching experience. Located in a pretty accessible area, Singapore Discovery Centre is just a mere 5 minutes' walk away from Joo Koon MRT Station, so it would be pretty easy for locals like myself who are keen on revisiting Singapore's sights and sounds to find.

The ticket pricing at Singapore Discovery Centre is pretty affordable, with the basic ticket package costing only $10 for adults, in which a complementary bus tour and a complementary 3D movie screening is included, so it is definitely worth the minor splurge.

Singapore Discovery Centre is definitely a prime hub to learn about the Singaporean identity, as well as total defence. The centre was very interactive, as there were several mini games for visitors to try out.

The place can be a little empty at times, so it may get pretty cold.

Singapore Discovery Centre is definitely worth the visit, preferably with family or friends, for a more fun-filled experience, as several games in the centre requires teamwork.

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