Yan Can Cook!

So Can You!

So, why don't we cook more? 

I remember the days of watching countless episodes of chinese accented english from...Yan, I think his name is Yan. 

My mother will be scribbling notes and nodding her head as he points to sauces and fries up another vegetable dish with salted fish. Housewives would stare at the screen and be cooking up the dish the next day, commenting on the accuracy of their dishes. Tasting, altering, tasting, placing some more salt, tasting and experimenting till they found the right balance of flavours for food. 

There were no commentary from other housewives. No secrets from other people. No extra tips. They just cooked and tested and built their tongue to be a taste powerhouse. They can create the ultimate stir fry that had the fragrant aroma and pretty colours like that of Yan's. 

Yan made cooking truly fun. He would make the chicken dance, make dramatic noises when chopping up vegetables and flipping around utensils. He made cooking a fun performance for yourself to enjoy being a part of. With extremely well bleached teeth of course. 

Today, we watch the different celebrity chefs waltzing around their expensive kitchens and elaborated set ups. They're building a fairy tale kitchen with fancy friends that we wished we have. And we're watching only to dream like a 4 year old girl wanting to be a princess, and the only way to be close to the idea is to play dress up. And then we search desperately on where we can find it in Singapore, instead of cooking it ourselves. That or we watch the cook offs more for the drama and be our own "Simon Cowell" of the food critique world.

I think we should dig up old cooking shows. Let them really show us what cooking is. How much oil we should use, and how we should bring in the audience to test the dishes we cook for them. 

And then hopefully, we can also shoot our two index fingers to an imaginary camera and say, I can cook, so can you!


In Dedication to Martin Yan's Cooking Shows, please enjoy this video:


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