Singapore's Biggest Community Flea Market Is Coming To Toa Payoh

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The biggest upcycling market in town


Imagine a dimension where alcohol bottles light up your room at night, newspapers tell the time, and milk cartons double up as coin pouches - no need to visualise it, because we are living in that confusing realm! Here, this word explains everything: Upcycling

The term basically means gives the things you trashed blindly a new lease of life through craft to make them things of use in the future. Clocks made out of frying pans, a concrete phone stand, and floral brooches made from old curtains - these are exactly the things you’ll find at The UP Market 2016.

30 upcycling stalls will put up the best of their innovative recreations forward for sale, but here are some epic upcycling stalls you can’t miss at the event:


1. blink.a.bottle



If there’s one thing that’s constant about your 18th birthday, university graduation or career promotion, is that they all end with a night of drinking. So here’s a way to capture and hold onto those memories forever.

A perfect piece for that cosy corner in your room Source

Imagine just how many bottles of alcohol are consumed every weekend. Instead of just discarding these bottles, blink.a.bottle upcycles them into these whimsical night lights to forever light up your life.


2. Ecoline   



If you’re a hoarder and you know it but want to escape mom’s constant naggings, perhaps Ecoline can help justify your actions. These entrepreneurs and creators collect wastes like newspapers, plastic bottles and used food jars that most pay no mind to; and turn them into designer-like bowls, clocks and even terrariums!


3. The Upcycling Factory SG


The Upcycling factory

Little sock stuffed toys, an assortment of the most colourful floral brooches, and pins and hair ties to add a dash of quirky to any outfit - The Upcycling Factory is a social enterprise run by a motivated and dedicated team of individuals - mainly women and the elderly - who believe in human empowerment and social change.

They also carry out their efforts on a larger scale by providing green solutions to corporate partners who deal with fabrics and material wastage. Shortlist your favourites in their online store before you make your way down to see these upcycled creations in the flesh!


4. Triple Eyelid


Triple Eyelid

Fans of concrete, rustic decor, industrial-themed homes, and everything monochrome can rejoice because the flea market hasn’t forsaken you lot. Phone holder and plant pots sculpted from concrete, and furniture made from discarded wooden slats and pipes take front and centre stage at local upcycling movement, Triple Eyelid.

Triple Eyelid
Portable wooden stools made from discarded slats Source

Triple Eyelid
Phone holders Source

If you’re looking for that one outstanding piece of furniture to complete your the aesthetic of your room, you might just find more than a few gems to call your own.


5. Hangmade by Gladys


Hangmade by Gladys

We always have that one do-gooder aunt or family friend that never wants a gift because they believe someone else out there deserves it more than they do. Well then, anyone of these hand-stitched plushies are a good choice!

Hangmade by Gladys

As suggested by the name of the stall, the cutesy, huggable animal handicrafts are handmade by Gladys Hang, the brainchild of this cross-stitching, upcycling store. Gladys transforms fabric scraps and other used materials into anything from cushions and tote bags, to door-stoppers and potential chou chou pillows for your nieces and nephews.


*BONUS* Try your hand at the art of upcycling


Unlike most flea markets, The UP Market isn’t fully driven by transactions - there are workshops for families to learn and craft upcycled creations too. 

The UP Market workshop

As a young padawan learning under a Jedi master of upcycling, you’ll learn the basics of turning old into new. You’ll be taking home your very own pot holders, mason jar candles, drink coasters, or decorative egg carton flowers!

The UP Market workshop

And with enough practice, you might be the one with a booth, selling your treasures in the 2017’s edition of the flea.

The UP Market winner showcase

If you’re still on the fence about in on all the action, head on over to the past winner’s showcase and you might find the boost of inspiration you need. Trust me, you’ll see waste and recycling in a whole new light after.


The UP Market 2016 @ Central Singapore


The UP Market 2016

We get it. Recycling is difficult! Recycling bins are never in our sight when we’re holding onto a plastic bottle, but ever-present when our hands are empty. Upcycling, however, side-steps the bins completely. Even if you lack the creativity to craft something beautiful out of trash, you can still support those who do! 

The UP Market

Only in motion for one day, The UP Market 2016 is back for a second time to gather Singapore’s most thoughtful entrepreneurs for a showcase of creativity. Whether you’re looking to stock up on Christmas gifts, or a unique piece to spruce up your home, there’s definitely something for everyone at The UP Market.

And here’s giving you another reason to participate! Not only will you be supporting the upcycling initiatives of our local entrepreneurs, 20% of the total proceeds from the sale will be donated to a charity organisation of Central Singapore CDC’s choice. 

Find out more about The UP Market 2016 @ Central Singapore here!

The UP Market 2016
Date: 18th December 2016, Sunday
Time: 10.30am – 6pm
Venue: Toa Payoh HDB Hub Atrium

This post was brought to you by Central Singapore Community Development Council.

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