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Every month we celebrate the best writer on TSL who gets inducted into our Hall of Fame. I feel its only right to acknowledge their contributions to the site. Hopefully this would inspire other members to do their best!

While our monthly points race recognizes the top contributors, our writer of the month award pays tribute to the highest quality contributors. Its really hard to pick just one member and there are over 100 active writers every month. But please don't be disheartened if you're not chosen, and keep on the quality writing. Your efforts are not going unnoticed and your turn will come soon!

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I had the pleasure to have a short chat with invited TSL writer Jensen. Although he has just 28 reviews on TSL at the moment, they are all of extremely high quality. And after reading his answers I have developed even more respect for him. I was nearly moved to tears after his heart warming approach to life.


January 2013 Writer of the Month:


Jensen Chua

Q1: Do share with our readers who may not know you a bit about yourself and your life.

I was born in the year of the Horse (so guess my age). I am a real estate agent for 5 years now and a big part of my clientèle, built from word of mouth, are from overseas as far as Russia or as near as Indonesia. I am married since 2000 to my sweetheart from secondary school and have 2 lovely daughters aged 7 & 10.  I love traveling and rediscovered my passion for photography about 3-4 years ago. My fascination in photography was kindled when I was about 15 years old. During a school excursion, my teacher entrusted her SLR to me take some pictures. I was hooked and never looked back since.

I don't come from a rich family and my photographic equipment was built up from weekends jobs where I helped my late father "paint-letrasetting" companies names on their vehicles. I even skipped meals during recess time to build up my savings then, resulting in a period of gastric attacks, which thankfully, is a thing of the past. I was the audio-visual club chairman during my pre-university days and was taking pictures for all the school activities. In my twenties, I worked for a period in studios specializing in food and fashion photography but was frequently assigned sales duties, marketing the studios services. That was when I discovered my forte in sales and marketing.

I am an outdoor person and I like to divide my outdoor pursuits into the "before and after" the children arrive... ( I think lots of people lifestyle were affected similarly... (^_^) ). Before my children came, my wife and I would go scuba diving at least once or twice a month. Since my 1st child came in 2002, I only managed to dive twice to date. I have logged my 100th dive since. I was also into adrenaline sports like sky diving.. I logged 6 static line jumps and 1 tandem jump. I am also into martial arts. I am a 2nd dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo. Hope to train my elder daughter (she's a brown belt now) to exceed me. Other "after" pastimes includes golfing, cooking, "foodie" jaunts locally and overseas, and of course, photography! I am trained in western culinary skill ( I have an F&B cert from Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne (Switzerland) awarded during my courses at Shatec Singapore.

Q2: What is your favourite attraction, hotel and eatery in Singapore?  

My favourite attraction in S'pore ? The Marina Bay precinct and the Resort Worlds Sentosa. Awesome venues. And like what my Russian friend summed up so aptly when I brought him to the MBS Skypark - "The Energies of a Nation". Look at Singapore in the past, where we were....isn't it amazing how much we have achieved?

My favourite hotel has to be the Capella at Sentosa... it really sets benchmarks in service, ambience and everything!

My fave eatery ? Hmmm...too many... but the Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon comes easily to mind.

Q3: I absolutely love your photographs. Do share with us the story behind your passion for photography and perhaps a few of your favourite pictures!

Thank you so's an honour indeed. My passion for photography is very simple... to capture a moment in time that would otherwise be gone. And to share what I saw, in a "concrete" way. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words"... I used  think it's kind of hyperbole.. but now, ..I do agree with that hyperbole.... hahaha...getting old & wiser there.

I was awarded Canon Powershot Hall of Fame - May 2011 for my pictorial contributions. I have since upgraded to Canon EOS DSLR gears. I recently gained entry into iStock/Getty Images as a contributing photographer.  My favourite pictures are as follows.

A golden moment at Halong Bay. (Vietnam)

"Fitness in the concrete jungle" (Singapore)

Mackerel in a Basket (Thailand)

Vendors on boats - Tha Ka Floating Market (Thailand)


Q4: Any shout-outs or last words you would like to say.

Life is short, while we are fit and able, celebrate it, cherish it, live lt to the max....never wait till it's too late. Most think it's a cliche? Draw up a bucket list and see where you stand in the scheme of things... And of course, make sure your loved ones go along for the ride....


You can read more of Jensen's reviews on TSL here and check out more of Jensen's amazing photography here.

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