Tech Saturday Showed How Close Smart Mirrors And Anti-Stress Machines Are To Reality In The Digital Age

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Tech Saturday 2018


IMDA Tech Saturday

Things were drastically different ten years ago - when was the last time you listened to music with an iPod touch or held a convo on MSN? Tech moves so quickly that the next big tech down the road is anybody's guess. But with IMDA’s Tech Saturday (Upsized!), a tech event at Suntec Convention Hall, we can make a stab in the dark to see how our lives will play out.

There’ll be six different zones to explore: Live, Work, Learn, Play, Inspire, and Invent. There’ll also be speakers to share more on gaming, digital natives, and content creation - expect the likes of Wah! Banana and Women in Tech. Here are some of the new gadgets and inventions we tinkered around with:


Zone 1: Live - smart beauty mirrors & anti-stress machines


IMDA Tech Saturday - Allure, beauty mirror

Take a selfie with Smart mirror ‘Allure’ by Fred Technologies.

Those who take care of their skin will adore using Allure, a smart beauty mirror with lighting that closely resembles natural sunlight.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Beauty Mirror Allure

With high-def glass, your pores, freckles, and scars will be out in full display so you can easily identify any problem areas. There’s also an in-built speaker so you can listen to your favourite songs during your nighttime skincare routine.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Galini by Neeuro

Anti-stress machine ‘Galini’ by Neeuro.

Another gadget to look at is the Galini - it’s like meditation but at a whole ‘nother level. It comes with SenzeBand - a brainwave sensor that’ll help measure and manage stress - that’ll bring you into a relaxed state of mind, where you can monitor how long you stay chill for.

IMDA Tech Saturday - SafeToSleep ST200

This zone also has Pebby - a pet toy with a camera that you can remotely control to play with your pets when out and SafetoSleep-ST200 - a baby mat that’ll monitor a child’s breathing patterns.

Find out more about Zone 1: Live.


Zone 2: Work - VR security training & holographic headsets


IMDA Tech Saturday - VR Response Trainer

‘VR Response Trainer’ by ST Engineering.

If you ever have any doubts about Singapore’s security, then the VR Response Trainer is sure to put your mind at ease. This virtual reality simulator puts the reflexes of security officers to the test with action-packed scenarios, testing the quickness of their response and judgement.

IMDA Tech Saturday - HoloLens

Holographic headset ‘HoloLens’ by Microsoft.

There’s also a holographic headset HoloLens that’s created by Microsoft, so you know it’s legit and made with all the latest tech discoveries. See how a holographic headset could be used in real-life industries, like urban planning and medical training.

Find out more about Zone 2: Work


Zone 3: Learn - IMDA Lab on Wheels


IMDA Tech Saturday - Lab on Wheels

Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t sound like the easiest topic to understand but it’s a whole lot simpler when you’re experiencing it IRL. Zone 3’s Lab on Wheels is a setup of two buses where you can try the latest tech in fun ways. In the first bus, put on VR, AR or Mixed Reality (MR) headsets, and in the second bus, challenge yourself with an AI-themed Escape Room.

IMDA Tech Saturday - HoloLens

Find out more about Zone 3: Learn.


Zone 4: Play - drone obstacle course, digital graffiti wall & Star Wars Jedi challenge


IMDA Tech Saturday - Drone obstacle course

Pilot a drone through obstacles.

There’s more fun and games at Zone 4, especially when there’ll be high-tech carnival games like a Drone Obstacle Course.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Drone Obstacle Course

There’ll also be various Made in Singapore Games by schools like ITE College Central and SUTD - think combat games that are based on a dystopian world as far-fetched as The Hunger Games.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Digital Graffiti Wall

Spray digital paint onto the Digital Graffiti Wall.

A Digital Graffiti Wall will also make an appearance, where you’ll be using a 3D printed spray can. It doesn’t actually have any paint fumes although the spray can certainly feel and sound like a real one.

IMDA Tech Saturday - Jedi Challenge

Those who have always wanted to play Jedi can grab a lightsaber and make their way to Lenovo’s Star Wars Jedi Challenge. A headset will fully immerse you into an AR experience where you’ll be bravely fending off Darth Vader.

Find out more about Zone 4: Play.


Zone 5: Inspire - AI goalkeeper


IMDA Tech Saturday - AI Goalkeeper

Students from Temasek Poly have made their very own goalie - an AI goalkeeper robot that blocks all goals. The more you play, the better it gets since the robot will be learning how to track the ball’s movement with a camera. All soccer fans, see if a robot can best your striking skills.

If you’ve got time, ITE and NUS jointly made a VR game called Season Traveller where you’ll be rocking it out in a hot air balloon ride. There’s a lot going on: golems will be throwing rocks, the wind will be blowing by, and you’ll breathe in the scent of fresh air. All because you’re wearing a Head Mounted System that simulates real-life senses.

Find out more about Zone 5: Inspire.


Zone 6: Invent - mood lamp workshop & robo-pet


IMDA Tech Saturday - kid activities

If all that isn’t enough for you, then Zone 6 has plenty of workshops and activities going on. Learn how to make your own mood lamp, where you can choose the colours and speed of colour transition. For kids, they can learn how to make and programme their own Robo-Pet or even design their own GPS map app.

IMDA Tech Saturday - robopets


Tech event in Singapore


IMDA Tech Saturday

Tech Saturday with Minister for Communications and Information, Mr Iswaran. 

All the gadgets on display at IMDA’s Tech Saturday are so high-tech that we can’t quite wrap our minds around them - it’s a lot like stepping into a real-life episode of Black Mirror. As the fourth installment in IMDA’s series of tech carnivals, Tech Saturday is part of Smart Nation Innovations Week where Singapore shows off their tech-savviness.

Maybe you’re after a smart mirror that mimics natural sunlight or you’re up for a VR game that’ll bring you into another world, but whatever it is - Tech Saturday’s got the latest and greatest in tech.

IMDA Tech Saturday - free hot dogs

There’ll also be a food truck where you can nom on different foods like Nachos, Mac & Cheese, and Chocolate Fudge Cake - all foods are FREE so simply keep a lookout for when the booths are open! 

Note: This event is now over, but they have Tech Saturdays ever year so you can look out for next year's!

When: 2 - 3 June 2018, 11AM - 7PM
Where: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 404-405, 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore, 039593.
Admission: Free

Find out more about Tech Saturday here!

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