12 Pastel Bedroom Essentials On Taobao To Nail That Candy-Coloured Aesthetic

Taobao pastel bedroom decor essentials  


taobao budget pastel room deco

The 1990s pastel trend has recently made an epic comeback, which explains why our Instagram feeds have been flooded with all things #millenialpink and #unicorns. 

Apart from hunting down the newest pastel spots in Singapore for those IG-worthy shots, you can also transform your own crib from a mere sleeping quarter to a candy-coloured wonderland - just like the ones on Pinterest and Tumblr.

From wall art to soft-hued vases, here are some bedroom essentials you can get to begin your room makeover on a budget: 


1. Adorn your bed with pastel bedsheets 


pastel bedsheets taobao

Since a bed is the centerpiece of any bedrooms, begin your pastel revamp with some candy-coloured cotton sheets (from $22.67)


2. Couple your bedding with these pom pom-fringed pillows


pastel pillowcases pompom fringe

Image adapted from: Taobao 

To complete your bedding, dress your pillows in these cute pillowcases with pom-pom fringing (from $6.92), or throw around these quirky knotted pillows (from $23.39) - both of which come in three different shades!

pastel taobao knotted pillows

Image credit: Taobao


3. Snuggle up to some fluffy pom-pom-ed blankets 


taobao pompom blankets

Image adapted from: Taobao

These cotton blankets (from $23.39) with fluffy pom-poms on the ends are perfect to snuggle up to - imagine waking up swaddled in a cosy warm blanket like this.

taobao pastel pompom blankets

Image adapted from: Taobao 


4. Store succulents or stationery in these multipurpose vases


taobao pastel vases

Image credit: Pinterest

Get these quirky vases (from $5.52) and fill them up with succulents or dried flowers to display on your desk. Otherwise, these can also double up as a stationery holders to store your runaway pens. 

taobao pastel vases

Image adapted from: Taobao


5. Double-toned mugs for the best of two worlds


taobao pastel two toned mugs

Image credit: Taobao 

Why settle for any old cup when you can get these double-toned mugs (from $4.33) to add to your pastel aesthetic?

taobao pastel mugs

Image credit: Taobao 

taobao pastel mugs

Image credit: Taobao 

If you prefer to keep things simple, these solid coloured mugs (from $2.80) will also complement the rest of your pantone room.


6. Wallpaper on a pop of colour to your bare walls 


taobao patterned pastel wallpaper

Image adapted from: Taobao

Dress your white walls with this geometric pastel wallpaper (from $21.24) and you’d have levelled-up your room game without the messy job that comes after cracking open a can of paint.

pastel wallpaper pinterest taobao

Image credit: Pinterest 

If you want just a selected area of your wall painted pastel, get these fuss-free, self-adhesive wallpapers from just $2.88 and cut them to your desired size. 

Pro tip: stick these onto your walls and you’ll have a pastel moodboard for all your postcards, polaroids, etc.


7. Display your trinkets on these honeycomb shelves


taobao pastel wooden shelves

Image credit: inmyroom

Spice up your bare walls by hanging up these unique honeycomb wall shelves (from $11.79) up and displaying your trinkets in them.


8. Zhng your walls with some art 


taobao pastel wall art

Image credit: Taobao

If you’re neither a hoarder of trinkets nor fake plants, some artwork (from $4.40) will also add some life to your four walls. 


9. Project a 24/7 rainbow onto your walls


taobao cheap rainbow projector

Image credit: Taobao 

You don’t have to wait for a rainy day to catch that split-second rainbow. With this portable rainbow projector (from $9.35), you can have a rainbow in your room no matter the time of day, rain or shine!

Psst, this real-life rainbow Instastory filter will also make a great backdrop for next-level selfies.


10. Prop a pink flamingo light on your desk


taobao pink flamingo LED light

Image credit: Pinterest 

As pink flamingo-everything takes over our Instagram feeds, you can also jump on the bandwagon starting with a flamingo light (from $6.25) to complement the rest of your bedroom.


Dangle flamingo fairy lights across the room 


taobao flamingo fairy lights

Image credit: Pinterest 

Alternatively, opt for some flamingo fairy lights! Get these string lights from just $5.91 and you’ll get to revel in mini pink birds floating above you.


11. Keep time with these quirky clocks


taobao pastel clocks

Image adapted from: Taobao

From robot-shaped to retro clocks (from $6.49), we’ve got you covered with a myriad of pastel one to complete your desk.

taobao pastel clocks

Image credit: Taobao


12. Cute trash cans to match the aesthetic


taobao pastel rubbish bins

Image credit: Taobao 

These bins (from $17.77) are proof that anything can look cute when painted in pale colours. Get one of these aesthetic containers to hide your trash in. 


Budget bedroom revamping with affordable Taobao alternatives


Whether you want some new sheets or an entire room revamp, we’ve gotchu with these affordable Taobao alternatives. Now, you can go forth and realise your dream of living in a pastel sanctuary without draining your wallet.


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