10 Most "Haps" Clubs In Singapore For Every Type Of Clubber In 2017

$10 jagerbombs on friday nights at fleek
Best clubs in Singapore sorted out and rated   Singapore’s party scene is booming and we’re getting new clubs popping up every year - but each club offers a different experience for party goers. If you aren’t looking to pay $30 cover charges just to “check a place out”, this...
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Here's How To Score 1-For-1 Drinks, Food Deals & Free Entry At The New Zouk

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Party it up at Zouk with DBS/POSB card discounts   That sinking feeling when you check your bank account balance after a wild night out with friends is something we’re all painfully familiar with. But partying doesn’t have to be expensive if you know the right lobangs to look out...
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19 Types Of People You’ll Meet On A Night Out In Zouk

Types of Singaporeans in Zouk   Source Zouk is the modern playground for frivolous twenty-somethings with money to spend and drinks to be drunk. A National Geographic Documentary about animals on heat has nothing on this bad boy, and the dancefloor is filled with scenes even David Attenborough would be...
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10 Totally Acceptable Bromance Things Singaporean Guys Can Do Without Being Judged

Bromance Without Judgement   There is a very fine alphabet between bromance and romance. Don’t get us wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a closely-knitted group of bros, or 2 guys dating for that matter. But it does gets awkward when people start questioning if you’re romantically involved with your...
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