NeNe Chicken's New 50cm Hotplate Chicken Is The Newest #CheesePull You Need In Your Life

NeNe Chicken introduces the new 50cm Hotplate Chicken that promises the ultimate #cheesepull!
NeNe Chicken’s New 50cm Hotplate Chicken   We’ve seen it on our feeds: thick, perfectly congealed cheese threads stretched seductively between 2 halves of toast. We’ve rushed down to these cafes for a taste of the latest cheese craze, only to be greeted with stringy, fragile strands that break apart...
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9 Healthy Eats In Town Under $10 That Show Clean Eating Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

orchard clean eat
Clean eating in Orchard for less   Adapted from  Source Eating clean is a tall order for cash-strapped Singaporeans, especially when we're stuck in town. With similar prices, fast food can often seem miles more attractive when compared to measly portions of the ‘healthier option’ - making the food dilemma...
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11 Sugoi Japanese Treats You Never Knew Were Available In Singapore

Japanese treats so good you can’t resist   Whenever I get wind of news that my friends are heading to Japan, I don’t hesitate to shamelessly tompang just to get my hands on all the glorious grub. Think mochi, ramen and matcha green tea - you name it, I want...
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It's A Food Festival At PasarBella's Gourmet Hop This 28-29th March

About PasarBella Gourmet Hop   What do cities London, Melbourne and Seattle have in common? Why, world-renowned food markets! Avid Singaporean travellers spend their weekends at these farmers’ markets and gush over affordable fresh produce while feasting on piping hot homemade foods . Well, kill the jealousy. In conjunction with...
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