Jurong Instawalk Recap - 9 Spots Worth The Journey To The West

#Instawalk at Jurong - an estate more interesting than you think   Most know Jurong as Singapore’s ulu industrial area - or with the recent shopping mall additions, the West siders’ version of Orchard Road. But bigger things are in store for this estate. What you’ll see in this Instawalk...
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9 Best Kept Secrets Of Queenstown That Don't Include IKEA Or Shoe Shopping

Secrets Queenstown residents don't want you to know   Queenstown? Eeee got nothing but furniture at IKEA and shoes there . That’s what you think. That’s what we want you to think. Queenstown has many secret treasures which we Queenstown residents would be more than happy to keep to ourselves....
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10 Branded Items You Can Get At IMM Under A $500 Budget

  Singapore’s largest outlet mall   I’m always up for a challenge, and also a shopping spree. So when Cheryl and I were tasked to head to IMM, Singapore’s largest outlet mall, to find 10 items under $500, I was all ready to channel my inner budget barbie. I have...
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23 Things To Do In West Singapore You Never Knew Possible

The Best of the West   “West, got anything to do meh?” The answer is yes . If you dig hard enough, the west can be as entertaining as anywhere else in Singapore. Central Singapore is known for its glitz, the North for its animal kingdoms, and the East for...
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20 Signs You Grew Up A Singaporean Westsider

The Wild, Wild West   What up, West side! Do you get teased at for living on the secluded side of the island? Does the quiet end of Singapore please you or bother you? I’ve lived here for 20 years and I LOVE IT. From the ridiculous travelling hours to...
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