Clarke Quay Has 10 Weekday Lunch Deals Under $15.50 For The CBD Crowd To Chope ASAP

Clarke Quay lunch deals
Clarke Quay lunch deals     For those who work in the CBD, affordable lunch options can seem few and far between, much less value-for-money lunch sets.  If you feel like you’ve exhausted all lunch set options you can possibly find near town, you might have overlooked Clarke Quay. Yes, the...
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11 Weekday Lunch Deals In Town For The Best 1 Hour Of Your 9-6 Grind

CHeap weekday lunch deals in town
Weekday lunch deals in Singapore   Image adapted from: @shaunowyeong and @jarkatafood We can all agree that the weekends pass way too quickly. With a blink of an eye, Friday becomes Monday yet again and another new work week starts. Sometimes, it’s good to take a random day off just...
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