9 Best Places To Visit During The Feb+Mar 2017 Public Holiday Dry Spell

Strategic long weekend getaways   Adapted from source:  @lifeisajourneypty We hate to break it to you but YUP, there really are no public holidays or long weekends next February or March . That's 74 days - or 53 working days - in a row without a proper break! But no...
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10 Epic Road Trips Around Australia All Singaporeans Should Embark On For Under $1500

Hit The Road, Jack     From cities to beaches, Australia’s got it all! But factor in airfare, expenses and accommodation, and unless you’re rolling in dough, all hopes of exploring Australia might go out the window. But all hope is not lost. Forget expensive flights and hours wasted in...
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10 Understated Destinations In Australia You Can Visit In 5 Days From $890+

Beauty doesn’t have to come at a price   Source   Ah, Australia. Home of the weird, the wacky, and the downright amazing. If you’ve ever dreamt of spending a holiday surfing on its golden beaches whilst having a whirlwind romance with Chris Hemsworth, then you’ve probably also had said...
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