CHIJMES Is Having A Mass Wedding For Pets With Marriage Certificates And Bride & Groom Costumes

A Valentine’s Fairytail by CHIJMES     Image credit:  @buffyvonredly Valentine’s Day is the day of romance - the day when you can expect lovey-dovey gestures and mushy handwritten notes. But at CHIJMES, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or attached. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your one true...
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These Philips Bathroom Kits Are #CoupleGoals For Your Sleepovers At Bae's Place

Philips Products Range
Philips grooming products for your partner this Valentine’s   There are two different types of people when it comes to Valentine’s Day: those who expect roses and chocolates, and those who would die for a bouquet of chicken nuggets. If you or your significant other are the latter, and more...
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9 Valentine's Day Restaurant Ideas In Singapore For 2018 With Ultra Romantic Feels

Romantic restaurants Singapore Oxwell and Co
Romantic restaurants in Singapore for V-day   Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of you are probably still scrambling to reserve restaurant seats for the night of 14th February. If you’ve been bringing your date to the same few restaurants, it’s time to switch things up for...
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10 Valentine's Day Dinner Deals In Singapore That Won't Deplete Your Angpao Money

  Affordable romantic dinners   Source: @danandesthersg February has arrived and love is in the air. For those with a resident bae by your side, Valentine’s Day is full of expectations for both parties. Doesn’t matter if you’re that hipster couple who frowns upon the holiday - we all secretly...
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9 Arm Candy Discounts For Singaporean GF/BFs Who Just Can't With Gift-Shopping

V-DAY gifts that won’t break the bank   Source: @modernminimalistco Gift-shopping for bae gets hard when there are so many options out there. We want to give our significant others something memorable, and something they’d look at and think: ‘I have the best bf/gf ever.’ Strategically, getting them arm candy...
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7 Gifts To Send Subtle Hints To Your Singaporean BF/GF This Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s gift guide   Relationships are difficult, and they take effort to sustain. You might think keeping quiet about small frustrating issues is the best way to avoid conflict in a relationship, but these itsy bitsy things might develop to become major problems in the future. Almost like a...
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NEW and FUN Things To Do In Feb 2017: Be An Astronaut, Meet Kang Gary And Gotham's Museum

Experience 2G forces like a NASA Astronaut
Celebrate Love And The Arts This February   If there was an official colour for every month, February will definitely be red and its many hues. From massive Lunar New Year celebrations in Chinatown to Valentine’s Day, February and its short four weeks looks to be a month that’ll gonna...
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This Is THE Valentine's Day Dinner Both Bae and Your Wallet Will Thank You For

Valentine's Day Dinner at SAFRA Mount Faber   Source Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching, and this can only mean one thing - all my lovebird friends blowing my phone up, and bombarding me with one thousand and one questions on how to make this day special for their other half...
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Raffles Singapore Valentine's Day Review: A Treat That Will Make You and Your Date Feel Like Royalty

Love is in the air   Choosing your Valentine’s Day dinner venue is an art, as you must search high and low for a place which fits both the importance of this occasion and your budget. But if you just want to pull out all the stops, I can hardly...
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10 Signs You've Become One Of Those Inseparable Best-Friend-Couples

When BFF and boyfriend become one   Many qualities distinguish a bro from one that's #boyfriendmaterial. And while having a boyfriend sometimes entitles you to special perks like the occasional bouquet of flowers, it's only when  your boyfriend also happens to be your best friend that true magic happens.  There’s...
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