5 Incredibly Weird Dating Games That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented

Hatoful Boyfriend Weird Dating Game Cover Image Japanese
Get a virtual lover, because dating IRL is too hard   Adapted from source Let’s face it: dating is difficult. In this day and age - where texting someone to come over for “Netflix and chill” replaces in-person invites for real dates - we often find ourselves playing a twisted...
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9 1-for-1 Meal+Activity Deals For #ForeverAlone BFFs This Valentine's Day

1 for 1 buffet at Fern Tree Cafe
1-for-1 deals for Valentine’s Day 2017   Adapted from source: @piggishness   When you are #foreveralone, you probably dread Valentine’s Day more than any other work day of the year. But don’t force yourself on Tinder just to find a random stranger to spend that day with - it’s not...
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