10 Insane Fast Food Restaurants Around The World All Macs/KFC/BK Addicts Must Visit

Unique fast food restaurants The Singapore Science Centre’s McDonald’s, with its rows of nostalgia-inducing Happy Meal toys, takes my vote as our little red dot’s coolest fast food outlet. While the other fast food restaurants in Singapore aren’t as unique, there are some Macs/KFC/Burger King/Subway gems around the world that...
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10 Underrated Food Creations By Fellow Singaporeans That Are Better Than Cheese Tarts

Singapore Hipster Creations COVER
Novel Delights By Fellow Locals   Nowadays, it seems like everything great is imported. Think matcha ice-cream, frozen yoghurt or even dim sum. We always assume that amazing F&B creations are only from other countries, discounting the ability of locals to whip up innovative treats of that calibre. As a...
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Dinner In The Sky - Eat 50 Meters In The Air With The City Watching Below You

About Dinner in the Sky   It's not very often we can say we cheated death on a regular day at work, but when you're working at TSL, there's no such thing as a regular day at work. When my editor mentioned that my latest event would include having dinner...
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