Lombok - 10 Reasons to visit the "Baby Bali" Before It Grows Up


Getting to know Lombok   This was not an easy piece to write. Lombok is like the amazing secret lover you don’t want people to know of. You canoodle, enjoy days of passionate rendezvous and live to tell a couple of close friends about it, but nothing more. You look...
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Bandung Guide - 10 Reasons to visit the Paris of Indonesia

About Bandung   This week, Christabel and I took a trip to Bandung, a booming metropolis increasingly popular with Singaporeans. Surrounded by volcanic mountains, this city used to be filled with tea plantations established by the Dutch who wanted to capitalise on the region’s fertility. Bandung was also nicknamed the...
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14 Reasons why Makassar is the best place you have never heard of

About Makassar   When you think Indonesia, images of Balinese beaches or rice fields probably pop into your head. I’ve been to Bali twice but I’ve never visited any other Indonesian city - simply because I didn’t know what else was out there. And that’s a shame because Indonesia has...
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15 reasons to visit Semarang at least once in your lifetime

15 reasons why Semarang will surprise you   When I told my mum that I was headed to Semarang, Indonesia for a short getaway, she shot me a quizzical look. “Why?” she asked incredulously. It’s easy to dismiss this obscure Indonesian city as a sleepy town with nothing much to...
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