5 Super YOLO Singaporeans Who Took Travelling to The Extreme

YOLO travel Singaporeans
Travelling off the beaten path   There are two kinds of travellers in this world - those that wish to experience what others have experienced, and those who create brand new experiences for themselves. While it’s perfectly fine to play it safe and travel by the books, some enjoy taking...
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7 Unreal Flight + Hotel Deals Under $498 Perfect For The Upcoming LWEs

long weekend getaways expedia
Deals for the upcoming long weekends   Source: @tippytoess Face it, February and March were a PH drought and we were all just trying to survive the #grind. But the summer months are finally here! And that means more reason than ever to celebrate, because there’s not one, but THREE...
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Silver Ball Planet, Osaka - Asia's Largest Collection Of Vintage Pinball Machines

silver ball planet osaka pinball
Silver Ball Planet in Osaka     Google "Osaka" and you'll find one recurring theme through all the posts you'll find: it's a transit town that tourists go to as a gateway to the more popular Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. What many of those posts neglect to mention is that...
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13 USJ + Harry Potter World Insider Hacks To Make Your Trip To Osaka Worth Every Knut

harry potter theme park osaka japan
Universal Studios Japan Insider Information   Confession: I've been to Osaka twice in the past year, once for a holiday and a second time - this trip - specifically to visit Universal Studios Japan . Most Singaporeans would have only been to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), but if you're using...
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5 Japan Regions To Visit Till June To Take Advantage Of Perfect 20°C Weather

Japan Regions to Visit Till June 1
Visiting Japan in 2017   Travellers to Japan rejoice — the season of braving icy cold winds and frostbitten fingers is finally coming to a close. Spring is coming up, and that means cherry blossoms and all-in perfect weather. Over the next few months, Japan will be at its best,...
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7 Reasons To Visit Setouchi Before Japan's Untouched City Becomes Overcrowded

A side of Japan still untouched   We’ve witnessed the fiery intensity of a tuna auction in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market in the dead of night, burnt our pockets down the boulevard of Dōtonbori’s shopping arcade, and reenacted that haunting scene in ‘Memoirs of a Geisha ’ running through Kyoto’s...
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9 Best Places To Visit During The Feb+Mar 2017 Public Holiday Dry Spell

Strategic long weekend getaways   Adapted from source:  @lifeisajourneypty We hate to break it to you but YUP, there really are no public holidays or long weekends next February or March . That's 74 days - or 53 working days - in a row without a proper break! But no...
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11 Places In Jaipur To Live Out Your Game Of Thrones Fantasies

king's landing lookalike, jaipur india
Scoot off to Westeros, Jaipur   So you’ve finished watching the latest madcap adventures of Daenerys, Tyrion, and Jon, and just can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones. Except even the books can’t help you now, not when the TV version is outbacking the literary version. Oh,...
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13 Fun And Free Things To Do In Seoul - Return Tickets Now At $298

Common Ground Seoul
Things to do in Seoul on a budget   Source: @lovefb731 It’s no secret that Singaporeans are obsessed with Korean culture. Ever since the K-wave hit our little red dot a few years back, everyone’s been going crazy going after the best of Korean pop culture, food, fashion, and more...
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5 Skyscanner Hacks That Confirm You Have Been A Noob All This While

Skyscanner hacks you should use   It’s that time of the month again - the weather is getting too cray to handle and your annual leave is close to expiring. You need to get out of here, stat. Thankfully, booking a ticket out of Singapore is much easier now compared...
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