10 Family-Friendly Places In Bangkok That Don't Involve Mall-Hopping

Bangkok's family-friendly attractions   Many know the land of smiles as a shopping paradise, but naming it as a family fun pursuit could get you some puzzled looks. Most of us return from Bangkok with a full luggage of goodies, but there’s more to that - hidden amusement parks and...
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10 Money-Saving Hacks For Singaporeans Who Travel Frequently

The new-age traveller’s guide to saving money   Image adapted from: Source Packing your bags for multiple quests to conquer the world and its beauties can more often than not leave you in a financial tangle, especially when you run into unforeseen obstacles that dig deep into the folds of...
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11 Gorgeous Places In Australia's Northern Territory That Are Nothing Like Sydney & Melbourne

australia northern territory field light installation
  Outback Adventures In Australia’s Northern Territory   Adapted from Source: @flightie_life The Northern Territory boasts the real deal of the Australian Outback - vast, open plains dusted with a deep orange-red colour, small colonies of unique desert plants and wildlife roaming the lands. With the best sights of the...
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9 Things To Do In Okinawa - The "Hawaii" Of Japan Only 3 Hours From Tokyo

A Japanese Island For Everyone   My knowledge of Japan is limited to Tokyo, Sushi and Pokemon. So when I found out I was going to Okinawa, I did my due diligence by performing a quick search on Google and mostly learnt that Okinawa's most known for its tropical climate...
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11 Places In Jaipur To Live Out Your Game Of Thrones Fantasies

king's landing lookalike, jaipur india
Scoot off to Westeros, Jaipur   So you’ve finished watching the latest madcap adventures of Daenerys, Tyrion, and Jon, and just can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones. Except even the books can’t help you now, not when the TV version is outbacking the literary version. Oh,...
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5 Life Saving Inventions Every Savvy Singaporean Traveler Needs

Travel Necessities Toothpaste Tablets
Travelling Must-Haves    Source If you’re an avid traveller, you’re probably a firm believer in the adage “Don’t acquire things. Acquire experiences.” #wanderlustwisdom. But even as you travellers go about acquiring sights, sounds, and even funky smells from all corners of the world, we all know that travelling is never...
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10 Ways Melbourne Is So Much More Than The HQ Of Cafes For Singaporeans

A hipster’s guide to Melbourne City   Yes, Melbourne is the undisputed cafe capital of Australia. And yes, Melbourne boasts some of the finest coffee your tastebuds will ever come into contact with. But no, that’s not all that Melbourne has to offer. You don’t become the most liveable city...
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10 Reasons Cape Town, South Africa Is Basically National Geographic IRL

cape town cover
Things To Do In Cape Town   Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Cape Town should definitely one of the top contenders in our bucket-list. From climbing mountains to diving with Great Whites, there are so many things to do! Here are some of my favourite must-dos in the second-most populous city in...
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10 Places In Fiji Island That Will Convince You To Quit Life And Be A Mermaid

Magni-FIJI-cent Pocket Of Paradise    Source Hello, fellow workaholic. How’s it like living in the happiest place in the Asia Pacific ? Okay, take that with a pinch of salt. But with real world problems and work-related thoughts aplenty, no ordinary vacation will suffice - this calls for a trip...
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7 BEST Vacations to Whack the Remaining 2016 Long Weekends Under $450 (Inc Flight + Hotel)

Long weekend away from Singapore   Long weekends are exciting - everyone looks forward to those sweet days of relaxation and being free from work. But planning for those long weekends can be quite a horror, and overseas trips are always out of the question, due to jacked-up airfares and...
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