Trans Siberian Railway Guide - Singapore To London By Train In 17 Days Under $1,600/pax

Trans Siberian Railway journey from Singapore to Moscow   What would you do with a lot of time, a little bit of savings, and a desire for adventure? Image credit: @jinxyoo 4 millenials from TSL  - 19, 21, 22, and 25 years old respectively - recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime...
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10 Life Experiences You Can Only Have When You're On A Gap Year Or In Between Jobs

gap year experiences cover image
Gap year experiences for Singaporeans   Image adapted from:  @hotcheekylace If you’re on a gap year, in between jobs , or a fresh grad who’s currently unemployed, you’re probably trying to decide on meaningful activities to occupy your time with during this long break. Instead of staying home and nua...
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