9 Capsule Hotels In Tokyo Under $70/Night For Solo Travellers On A Budget

themed sleeping pods in shibuya
Cheap capsule hotels in Tokyo, Japan   Image adapted from: @yui.horiuchi , @daisukeshimokawa Japan is the dream holiday destination of many, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Accommodation is one of the biggest culprits in draining your wallet, with standard hotels requiring you to fork out quite a...
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5 New Places Around Tokyo To Explore With 1 JR Pass When Osaka & Kyoto Have Been Done & Dusted

Cover Image - Swiss Village <2 hours from Tokyo
New places around Tokyo to explore by train   Image adapted from:  @tak.yamataka You might’ve conquered metropolitan Tokyo, strolled through the iconic Torii gates in Kyoto or rode every single ride in Universal Studios Japan, Osaka . But beyond this golden trinity, there’s still a wealth of areas for you...
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10 NEW Things To Do In Tokyo That Tourists Have No Idea About

Hidden Places In Tokyo   Tokyo is the Doraemon pouch of travel destinations. I’ve been there twice now, and both times I return with an entire FamilyMart franchise in my suitcase, only to discover some hyped place I missed out, and some newfangled pastry I should’ve ingested. Third time’s a...
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10 Themed Cafes And Restaurants In Tokyo To See The Quirkiest Side Of Japan

Themed Cafes In Tokyo Are Off The Charts   Source: @mayunakk Even with so many cafes popping up (and then later closing down) in our local dining scene, many of them just aren’t as cool as those themed cafes peppered across Tokyo. After all, the Japanese are known for creating...
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16 MORE Amazing Adventures In Tokyo For Under S$11 (¥1000)

Life In The Big City   Source Ah, Tokyo: We meet again. As I waxed lyrical about your intricacies and delicacies, I realised how many of your streets I had not walked, how much of your culture I had missed, how much of you I had not actually seen. It’s...
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15 Things To Do In Tokyo Under $11 That Make Student Trips To Japan A Reality

15 Amazing Things to do in Tokyo under $11 (¥1000)   Source Tokyo, Japan: So much like Singapore, and yet in many ways much more futuristic. It’s remarkably easy to get lost in the mazy subway tunnels and crowded streets of this sprawling metropolis.  I travelled to Tokyo for a...
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