9 Romantic Sakura Spots In Taiwan To Bypass The Price Hikes For Tokyo Tickets

sakura hogwarts
Cherry blossoms spots in Taiwan   Most of us are aware of sakura blooming in Japan or even Thailand, but it's time to add Taiwan to your list. Here, the cherry blossom season starts in January and at some spots, runs all the way till April.  So before the flowers...
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10 Taiwan Adventures For Young-People That You Never Knew Were Possible

A Taiwan you’ve never seen   A Taiwan holiday seems to be every 20-something-year-old’s cup of (bubble) tea - and we’re not surprised! Their mind-blowing selection of tantalising street snacks from am to pm, Bangkok-worthy shopping game, and milk tea mania is reason enough. And it doesn’t just end there....
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11 Local Taiwan Experiences That You'll Never Find In Tourist Guides

Explore Taiwan like a local   When in Taiwan, do as the Taiwanese do. As a popular destination among Singaporeans, many of us have gone to Taiwan to indulge in their food, shop, see the mountains and of course - release a sky lantern at Shi Fen Old Street. But...
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