8 Cheapest Bowling Alleys In Singapore With Games From Just $2.50

cosmic bowling singapore
Best bowling alleys in Singapore   Image adapted from: thenewageparents  Even though sports may not be up some of our alleys, bowling is an activity that anyone can participate in and enjoy, especially for those of us who constantly shun the sun or cannot live without aircon.  If you want...
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5 Reasons Why SIFA 2017 Is THE International Arts Event Of The Year

SIFA 2017 Trojan Women
SIFA 2017 - Singapore’s Premier Arts Festival   Running out of ideas on what to do over the weekend is something we’ve all probably encountered. After all, there’s only so much you can do on this little red dot. Killing your boredom with a plethora of shows and exhibitions, Singapore...
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New And Fun Things To Do In June 2017: DreamWorks Day, Movie Drive-In, and Phuture DJ Festival

pets picnic party
Chill out this June holiday   Adapted from Source Just like getting mid-week blues, mid-year blues can be a serious wet blanket. Taking a breather from it all - MYEs and projects included - is necessary to give us that extra boost through the year. As for the non-schooling population,...
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6 Artsy Things To Do At The Esplanade Annexe Open House This Weekend

Indigoism Barter Market - Haircut
A weekend of non-stop fun at Esplanade   Adapted from source With dreary routines and overly-frequented hangouts, even chill days can get kinda sluggish. But this time’s bound to be different, with a breath of fresh air coming as Esplanade launches its latest creative space. To celebrate the inception of...
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5 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Hand To God - The Ultimate Mashup of Sesame Street and The Exorcist

SRT’s Hand To God - a satanic puppet and more   Imagine combining the sock puppets of “Sesame Street” with the spine-chilling demonic possession in “The Exorcist” - that’s Hand To God for you. The play revolves around a teenager and his satanic puppet, with loss, man’s inner desires, and...
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5 YouTube-Famous Games For Your Next Party To Avoid Awkward FB/IG scrolling

No more awkward FB/IG scrolling   Being at a house party is a pretty fun experience - save for the awkward silences when conversation dies down and everyone starts scrolling through their various social media accounts in RAPID succession to act busy. If you’ve been in such situations, we’ve rounded...
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4 Reasons To Catch The Next Music@Empress - FOC Picnic-Style Concert In The CBD

free popcorn
Get groovin’ at Music@Empress   The thought of an empty calendar may oddly scare most of us Singaporeans, simply because we all secretly suffer from the fear of missing out a.k.a FOMO. If you’re looking for a way to break the monotony of your corporate 9-5 office gig, here’s one...
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5 Reasons To Visit Singapore Zoo Even After School Excursions

Singapore Zoo The Smart Local Cover Image
Get wild at Singapore Zoo   For most of us, the Singapore Zoo is truly a place of wonder. Watching movies like The Lion King might’ve transported us to a magical animal kingdom back when we were kids, but it was only at the zoo that these fantasies came to...
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4 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Constellations Instead Of Yet Another Movie This Month

SRT's New Play - Constellations   Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Let’s face it - it’s 2017 and we’re running out of ideas on where to bring our date. Going to the movies, Netflix and chill; we’ve exhausted almost everything and they’ve all become far too cliche. If you’re looking for...
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London's Most Famous Magician Group Is Coming To Singapore & Here's What To Expect

IMPOSSIBLE magic acts in Singapore
London’s IMPOSSIBLE comes to Singapore     You’re likely to think of the Now You See Me series every time someone mentions magic and movies. The popular films have captured the hearts of the audience with clever plots and nimble tricks. But everything is just CG, purely fictional and embellished...
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