10 Photographs Taken In Singapore To Bluff Your Friends That You're In Japan

Singapore vs Japan
Places in Singapore that look like Japan   Ah , Japan. With its soothing onsens, lush bamboo forests and stunning sakura gardens, it’s no wonder that Singaporeans are a little stir-crazy about visits to the Land of the Rising Sun. Luckily, if there’s anything we’ve learnt from our SG vacations...
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15 New And Fun Things To Do In Feb 2018 - Pop-Up Carnival At *SCAPE, CNY Food Street & Amusement Park

first suspended playground balls net big
February 2018: more than just CNY and V-Day   Image adapted from: AIRZONE February’s a short and busy month for everyone. With celebratory events like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day lined up for many, you’re in for a jam-packed month of activities.  But if just going for a seven-course...
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New And Fun Things To Do In January 2018: Laneway Festival, Pokemon Run, And FREE Yoga

things to do january
Fun activities in Singapore in January 2018   Image adapted from: Singapore Art Week 2018 has finally dawned upon us. No matter how last year went, it’s time to start afresh. That means new resolutions, new perspectives, and new things to do. But if you haven’t found many activities to...
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5 Guided Walking Trails To Discover Previously Inaccessible Corners Of Singapore

Abandoned buildings in singapore
Walking trails in Singapore   Because Singapore’s so tiny, it’s easy to assume that we’ve already explored every corner of our little island. But there are still less-travelled places like Kranji Marshes and Sister’s Islands that have plenty in store for the intrepid explorer.  And in addition to making you...
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10 Late-Night Supper Outlets In Clarke Quay With Some Open Till 5AM

Your go-to after-hour spots in Clarke Quay for a good time   Mention a night out at Clarke Quay, and the word “ curfew ” instantly vanishes from anyone’s vocabulary. While other food and beverage establishments roll their shutters and call it a day, the party people over in central...
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The Addams Family Musical - This Twisted Cartoon From Our 90s Will Be Back To Spook Us In The Flesh This November

addams family musical
Watch The Addams Family Musical at MES Theatre at Mediacorp    Image credit: Matt Martin One of the true gems of 90s cartoons was undoubtedly the weird and wonderfully macabre Addams Family. Despite being more than a decade old, it’s impossible to forget each of the family’s kooky characters -...
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8 Cheapest Bowling Alleys In Singapore With Games From Just $2.50

cosmic bowling singapore
Best bowling alleys in Singapore   Image adapted from: thenewageparents  Even though sports may not be up some of our alleys, bowling is an activity that anyone can participate in and enjoy, especially for those of us who constantly shun the sun or cannot live without aircon.  If you want...
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5 Reasons Why SIFA 2017 Is THE International Arts Event Of The Year

SIFA 2017 Trojan Women
SIFA 2017 - Singapore’s Premier Arts Festival   Running out of ideas on what to do over the weekend is something we’ve all probably encountered. After all, there’s only so much you can do on this little red dot. Killing your boredom with a plethora of shows and exhibitions, Singapore...
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New And Fun Things To Do In June 2017: DreamWorks Day, Movie Drive-In, and Phuture DJ Festival

pets picnic party
Chill out this June holiday   Adapted from Source Just like getting mid-week blues, mid-year blues can be a serious wet blanket. Taking a breather from it all - MYEs and projects included - is necessary to give us that extra boost through the year. As for the non-schooling population,...
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6 Artsy Things To Do At The Esplanade Annexe Open House This Weekend

Indigoism Barter Market - Haircut
A weekend of non-stop fun at Esplanade   Adapted from source With dreary routines and overly-frequented hangouts, even chill days can get kinda sluggish. But this time’s bound to be different, with a breath of fresh air coming as Esplanade launches its latest creative space. To celebrate the inception of...
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