Moonfest 2017 - A 'Little Beijing' Is Happening At Esplanade This Mid-Autumn With A Pop-Up Tea House

opera with english subtitles
A festive throwback to olden China   Image adapted from Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay When the autumn equinox hits, there’s a palpable scramble with throngs of people queuing up for the tastiest of mooncakes. But amidst the frenzy, we might miss the significance behind this festive season’s customs....
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9 Pastel Corners In Singapore To Turn Your IG Feed Into A Pantone Palette

berlayer pastel
Pastel backdrops in Singapore     Millennial pink has been painting our Tumblr and Instagrams for a while now. In fact, the obsession with these dreamy tones has extended to pastel colours in general, and we've got to admit: they’re super pretty to look at. With these colours being the...
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3 Reasons The M1 Peer Pleasure Theatre Festival Beats Watching Yet Another Movie

M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival Line-up
M1 Peer Pleasure - the best of Singapore’s youth art scene     Source: ArtsWok Collaborative Ah, theatre . Some of us budding thespians have got fond memories of budget drama club productions, while others still have trouble spelling Shakespeare (it’s a struggle - did I get it right?) ....
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SAFRA Tampines Open House Has An FOC Inflatable Obstacle Course And 5m Free Fall

safra tampines open house
Fun filled weekend at SAFRA Tampines   The June holidays are here, and that means ample quality time for the whole family to hang out. While many choose to go overseas for some bonding, there're plenty of activities in Singapore that don't involve pricey plane tickets. On 24 & 25...
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Marina Bay's Pop-Up Beach Is Back With Pre-ULTRA Parties And An Inflatable Obstacle Course

DBS Marina Regatta 2017, Summer Beach Party Singapore
Savour the summer at DBS Marina Regatta     Singapore’s got three seasons: Wet, hot and hotter. The heat and humidity will continue to terrorise us - and our hair - but nothing can stop us from having a good time. This June, the ultimate beach party is happening right...
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Tech Saturday - Singapore's Biggest Tech Carnival Lets You Fly Drones, Code, And Build Your Own Robots

Tech Saturday is back in town   Source Let’s be honest - as mind-boggling as technology is, tech talk has the power to lull some of us into a deep, deep nap with its confusing jargon and theories. Lucky for us, Tech Saturday is coming to town to prove that...
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9 Squad Activities In April/May 2017 When The Movie + Dinner Combo Gets Old

Gear up for the exciting things to do this April & May   Movies, drinks, dinner, brunch - it’s all getting way too predictable. This April and May, go do something different, something less generic that you won’t remember as just another outing. Whether it’s with your bros, galpals or...
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This Eco-Run Happening In Singapore Has A Zero Waste Runner Category and Race Village

Income Eco-Run 2017, Singapore's first eco-friendly marathon
Join the Income Eco Run 2017   We’re all familiar with the Standard Chartered and Sundown marathons where Singaporeans, PRs, and foreigners alike come together in the great outdoors to pia their way to the finishing line. For most of us, the satisfaction from the ache in our thighs, the...
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10 Local Books Suitable For 10 Different Personalities To Make Book Gifting Great Again

Finding the perfect book   The Japanese have the word tsundoku , which loosely translates to the condition of buying books but never reading them - instead, leaving them to pile up into a book mountain you know you won’t be scaling anytime soon. And then it happens: you find...
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5 New Things To Do At Singapore Biennale Right Before It Ends

Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors - The Final Leg   Our Instagram feeds have seen an influx of inception-esque mirrored spiral staircase photos ever since the Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors opened in October last year. But if that wasn’t enough to convince you to make a trip down,...
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