7 Outdoor Activities At Sentosa To Jio Your Sports Buddies Out During June Holidays

pool yoga bungee jumping
Outdoor sports at Sentosa this June   Hurray - the June holidays are finally here! While Netflix and Youtube may sound like a good way to spend your holidays, it can get quite sian to spend all your days cooped up at home. After all, there's only so many Youtube...
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Sentosa FunFest 2018 - Over 300 We Bare Bears Have Invaded Palawan's Epic Inflatable Playground

sticky wall we bare bears wbb inflatable playground jetblading aj dining
Sentosa FunFest 2018   The March holidays are here and for many of you lucky students, that means a week’s break from hectic schoolwork. By now you’re probably searching for something that’ll make friends watching your IG stories go “ Wah where’s this?”.  Even if you’re not a student, you...
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The Revamped Maritime Experiential Museum Lets You Explore 14th-Century Sea Life From Just $9

Maritime Experiential Museum Many of us would remember those times where we would play “pretend” as a kid - relive your childhood days as an explorer “discovering new islands” at the newly revamped Maritime Experiential Museum .  From braving pirate encounters to finding out how exactly do you trade with...
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