8 Exhilarating Theme Parks Opening In Asia From 2017-2020 That Have Zero Chill

new amusement parks asiaScream a happy scream at new amusement parks in Asia   Source Adrenaline junkies, rejoice - the opening of spanking new theme parks around Asia are about to get your heart pumping. Whether you are young, young at heart, or have kids who’ve been bugging you to take them on a...
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10 Reasons Why You’ll Feel Like a Kid Again at LEGOLAND

Inner Child, Rejoice!   When it comes to LEGO, we all time travel back to our childhood, when having fun was our only agenda. Whether it’s building our own structures or assembling a LEGO city, the brick-building activity was indispensable to our growing years. If the feeling of nostalgia is kicking...
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15 Reasons Malaysia Is The Worst Place To Visit In Southeast Asia

Don't Bother. Just Don't.   It's so bad I can't even dive the right way. Source Situated comfortably in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is often overshadowed by its flourishing neighbours. People find it difficult to remember Malaysia other than the fact that it rhymes with malaria and there’s a good reason why; after...
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