The Addams Family Musical - This Twisted Cartoon From Our 90s Will Be Back To Spook Us In The Flesh This November

addams family musical
Watch The Addams Family Musical at MES Theatre at Mediacorp    Image credit: Matt Martin One of the true gems of 90s cartoons was undoubtedly the weird and wonderfully macabre Addams Family. Despite being more than a decade old, it’s impossible to forget each of the family’s kooky characters -...
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5 Reasons To Catch Forbidden City Rather Than Follow An Entire Netflix Period Drama

Forbidden City SRT singapore
Forbidden City is returning after an 11-year hiatus   Adapted from source 11 years ago, going to the theatre was still a very foreign concept to me. I was still a pubescent child enjoying my favourite television shows on Kids Central . If you were just like me, you’ve probably...
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5 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Hand To God - The Ultimate Mashup of Sesame Street and The Exorcist

SRT’s Hand To God - a satanic puppet and more   Imagine combining the sock puppets of “Sesame Street” with the spine-chilling demonic possession in “The Exorcist” - that’s Hand To God for you. The play revolves around a teenager and his satanic puppet, with loss, man’s inner desires, and...
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New And Fun Things To Do In March 2017: EDM Picnic Festival, Human Library, and Vintage Flea Market

Electronic Picnic Festival
No such thing as too March fun   Source After the festive season in January and February, everyone’s back to the mundane work routine. But March doesn’t have to be just a boring chiongster month - it’s okay to regulate your schedule with pockets of fun, so that you don’t...
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This Festival Will Be The Most Provocative Thing Singapore Has Seen In A Long Time

akulah bimbo sakti
Baring it all   Source: TUCKY/Cake Theatrical Productions We’ve been touted as the best city in Asia to live in, and flourished on the global stage with one of the most advanced economies. Yet, we’re still known for playing it too safe and being averse to taboos of any degree....
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History Takes the Stage with Singapura: The Musical - A Review

About Singapura: The Musical   Having grown up listening to that same old grandfather story in Social Studies, it’s common knowledge to us that the years between 1955 to 1965 were turbulent times for those living in Singapore. It was marked by bouts of social upheaval, as Singapore inched towards...
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21 New & Fun Things to Do in Singapore in June 2015

Things To Do In June   Congratulations, you’re halfway through with 2015! Everybody loves June - it’s the month where we take a timely, well-deserved break before embarking on the challenges the next half of the year has in store for us. Whether you’re jetting off for a short getaway,...
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25 Fun & New Things to Do This May 2015 In Singapore

Fun & New Things to Do This May   Source   You've seen March's and April's editions of "Fun & New Things to Do", and so you'll need no introduction to this list. As per usual, this May we're back with a multitude of awesome new activities. Read on!    -...
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The Arts House - Immerse Yourself In 50 Years Worth Of Singapore Theatre History

Theatre Memories: 50 Years of Singapore Theatre   Source People often ask me about theatre scene here in Singapore when I tell them about my training in Theatre Studies. And when I tell them about the rich history of Singapore Theatre, there will be exclamations like, " Wah! Really ah?...
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Titoudao Review - The Spirit of Wayang Endures

About Titoudao   Picture courtesy of Toy Factory Re-staged for the fifth time, Titoudao is based on the life of Mdm Oon Ah Chiam, a popular Chinese street opera actress in the 50s and 60s. The play follows her life and the rise and fall of wayang , interspersed with...
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