SAFRA Members Traveling To Thailand On AirAsia In Sep 2017 Can Redeem Cold Storage & Thai Massage Vouchers

Freebies when you book flights to Thailand   With the constant hustle and bustle of our busy little city, there’s nothing like a mini getaway to the Land of Smiles to turn any sort of crisis around. Just less than a 3-hour flight away, these happening cities lure us in...
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Chocolate Ville: Gorgeous European Town 30 Mins From Pratunam To Visit For FREE

A whimsical trip to Europe, without leaving Bangkok   Thailand’s capital is known to all as a budget globetrotter’s paradise. Wholesale fashion bargain shopping, cafe-hopping adventures for less than $10/pax, crazy cheap street food - you name it, you’ll find it. Aside from exploring the night markets and huge shopping...
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10 2-in-1 Concept Eateries In Bangkok That Will Make You Forget There's WiFi

social bangkok eateries COVER
Siri, find me a new pal in Bangkok!   Adapted from source: @pppringleee We’ve all done the coffee-shop walk of shame in Bangkok. You know the one - where individuals hop their way from one cafe to another, eagerly checking off names on a carefully curated list. The everlasting drudgery...
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This Bangkok Sheep Village Is An Animal Lover's Dream Come True

Bangkok's version of an Olden British village   You’ve seen it all in Bangkok’s whimsical themed cafés and restaurants – cats, huskies , and even mythical unicorns are all viable chill-out companions in the Thai capital. Time to add another animal to the list - Sheep! Brought to life in...
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10 Reasons To Visit Khao Yai, The Secret Town Near BKK Unknown To Tourists

Khao Yai - an idyllic town 3 hours from BKK   As a traveller, whenever I venture into lands anew, I prefer collecting moments, not things. But with unforgettable experiences often come hefty costs. If you’re a budget traveller like me, Khao Yai would be your next favourite destination. It's...
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10 Thailand Experiences Young People Think Are Cool But Actually Are Horrendous

Thailand experiences not to support   Source Thailand has long been a dopamine-infused craze land where your most concealed desires break free. Some of these wild adventures are so ubiquitously advertised, we almost think that’s the only way to get the full experience while contributing to the well-being of these...
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For The First Time In Our Lives, We Ate Mealworms, Crickets, And Grasshoppers! Singaporeans Try : Episode 43

Eating creepy crawlies   The world is filled with all sorts of exotic delicacies - fried tarantulas for example. In Singapore, these exotic delicacies aren't as easily accessible, but there are some exotic "snacks" from Thailand and Laos that can be found here. The time has finally come and we're...
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11 Obscure Getaway Locations in South-East Asia With Amazing Holiday Potential

Escape the crowds!   With locations like Krabi and Boracay increasingly drawing in the tourist dollars, it’s hard to find a secluded location for a vacation nowadays. Most popular destinations are overcrowded with people, and nobody wants to jostle for space on a crowded beach - there are far better...
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12 Reasons To Experience Songkran Once In Your Life

The World’s Largest Water Fight   Every year, Thailand has some kind of festival where people pour water all over each other, but not many understand the magnitude of it and how everyone can be part of the fun! Every year, from 13-15 April, the Songkran festival is celebrated in...
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The 11 Best 5-Star hotels in Bangkok under $100

Affordable Luxury in the Heart of Bangkok   Ahhh Thailand, the Land of Smiles, cheap clothes, great food and elephant riding. As much as we'd like to be, we can't all be James Bonds, sipping our martinis as we're chauffeured to our mansions. But thanks to the Singapore dollar's strength,...
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