Singapore's Security Guards May Soon Have Robots And Drones To Help Them

Technology gives security guards a new lease of life   “Disgruntled uncle laments about having to massage distracting and demanding female customers.” If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen this uncle (a.k.a Le Kua La Uncle) appear on Youtube videos chronicling his bad luck with jobs - from his dark...
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10 Cheap IT Gadget Deals Online That Are More Legit Than Sim Lim Square's

Up to 71% off IT Gadgets   IT fairs are a huge deal for us Singaporeans. We spend hours, and even days exploring convention halls in search of the best deals for the latest in tech, but we shouldn’t always have to wait months to clinch our next toy at...
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Tech Saturday - Singapore's Biggest Tech Carnival Lets You Fly Drones, Code, And Build Your Own Robots

Tech Saturday is back in town   Source Let’s be honest - as mind-boggling as technology is, tech talk has the power to lull some of us into a deep, deep nap with its confusing jargon and theories. Lucky for us, Tech Saturday is coming to town to prove that...
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Newstead Is Letting You Trade In Your Old Tech Items For New Ones This Christmas

Newstead Laptop Trade-in
Gift Your Tech this Christmas   Many of us are subconscious hoarders and it’s only during celebratory seasons like Christmas, when the prospect of having guests over for dinner, compels us to tidy up our homes. This is when long forgotten things pop-up, like old gadgets that we’ve long retired...
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10 Vanishing Sights Of Singapore To Cherish Before They Are Gone For Good

Singapore's sights that aren't coming back   “Show the world what Singapore can be” - Hugh Harrison (Composer), Count On Me, 1986  Since 1986, our nation’s been busy building itself to where it can be - a modern and “ zhng -ed” Lion City. So on any given day, it’s...
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5 Reasons Invisalign Is The Braces That'll Make Your Teeth Great Again

Brace yourself for Invisalign   “Say cheese!” A phrase that brings a smile of joy to many can be a nightmare for others. The lucky ones might not know it, but feeling like the awkward kid in the pack - with metal bits stuck in your teeth - can be...
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