5 Taipei Cafes With Aesthetics Worth Hitting Pause On Your Street Food Rampage For

Taipei cafes
Pretty cafes to visit in Taipei   We all know that Taipei is famous for its iconic toilet-themed restaurant. But beyond the poop-shaped ice-cream and toilet bowl hot pots are many other yummy dishes waiting to be devoured in the Taiwanese city. Night markets are great for affordable local eats...
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AA Singapore Is Sending 1 Lucky Winner On A Road Trip To Thailand With His/Her Plus One

The search for the new AUTOVENTURE™Ambassador     Adapted from: @ fey.zal.baim If you have woken up to a browser history full of flight bookings - RIP, credit card - or have a laptop filled with video clips from your countless trips, it's time to channel that wanderlust and rev...
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10 Taiwan Adventures For Young-People That You Never Knew Were Possible

A Taiwan you’ve never seen   A Taiwan holiday seems to be every 20-something-year-old’s cup of (bubble) tea - and we’re not surprised! Their mind-blowing selection of tantalising street snacks from am to pm, Bangkok-worthy shopping game, and milk tea mania is reason enough. And it doesn’t just end there....
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10 Taiwanese Homestays Under $100 To Experience The Countryside Idol Dramas Are Made Of

Ting Tau Garden Resort Bungalow homestay
A Homestay Away From Home   Taiwan’s not known as the ‘Heart of Asia’ for nothing - the abundance of delectable street food, gorgeous scenery, glitzy bustling cities and warm, friendly people draw so many of us there year after year. On your next trip to Taiwan, experience that trademark...
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This Resort In Taiwan Is Built Within A Safari And Fits Up To 6 Friends Per Room

LeoFoo resort cover
Safari Stay At A Whole New Level   Source: @ckayys Safaris are generally rather dangerous affairs. After all, allowing people to enter the natural habitat of wild predators is generally considered a bad idea , considering human beings are literally walking bits of food for several animals.  Imagine then, waking...
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20 Taipei Food Spots Every First-Time Visitor To Taiwan Must Experience

Alicia at Night Market Taipei
  A True Foodie Paradise   As a holiday destination, Taipei is synonymous with one thing: Food. If you’re a complete newbie, like me, to this eclectic land of bustling streets and awesome night markets, the sheer variety of food may stun you. Almost everything is delicious in Taipei, but...
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18 Reasons Why Kaohsiung Is The MOST Underrated City You'd Want To Hide From Mainstream Tourists

A Week In Wonderland   Rich, vibrant, and grand - these are three words I would never have used to describe Kaohsiung upon hearing about it for the first time. After all, think of Taiwan and the first things that come to mind are its night markets and street food....
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28 Awesome Things in Taiwan Every First-Timer Must Try

Beginner's Guide to Taiwan   Taiwan - the land of night markets, street food, Chinese culture, and drama series with 139762 episodes. My friend and I visited Taiwan recently, and even though the summer heat could easily rival that of Singapore, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  If you’ve never been to...
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10 Reasons To Visit Taiwan For The First Time In 2015

About Taiwan   We arrived in Taiwan greeted by chilly winds and great anticipation of the experience to come. It was our first time here and there were so many things to do! Many of my friends have raved about their Taiwan adventures but I never fully understood why they were so...
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13 Best Boutique Hotels in Taiwan Under S$200

Taiwan Boutique Hotels   What makes a boutique hotel stand out is its unique theme. Be it special themed rooms or a focus on art decorations, these are what sets boutique hotels apart from the usual chain of luxury 5 star hotels. Oh, they are also priced nowhere near 5...
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