7 Unreal Flight + Hotel Deals Under $498 Perfect For The Upcoming LWEs

long weekend getaways expedia
Deals for the upcoming long weekends   Source: @tippytoess Face it, February and March were a PH drought and we were all just trying to survive the #grind. But the summer months are finally here! And that means more reason than ever to celebrate, because there’s not one, but THREE...
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20 Taipei Food Spots Every First-Time Visitor To Taiwan Must Experience

Alicia at Night Market Taipei
  A True Foodie Paradise   As a holiday destination, Taipei is synonymous with one thing: Food. If you’re a complete newbie, like me, to this eclectic land of bustling streets and awesome night markets, the sheer variety of food may stun you. Almost everything is delicious in Taipei, but...
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8 Hotels in Taipei Under $450 For 3D2N Including Flight, Hotel & Taxes

Affordable and luxurious   My friend recently returned from Taiwan describing it as "like Singapore, except everything's in Chinese". It's safe, has great food and has an efficient public transport system. From visiting the most picturesque tea houses to releasing sky lanterns at Shi Fen Old Street, Taiwanese dramas have...
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28 Awesome Things in Taiwan Every First-Timer Must Try

Beginner's Guide to Taiwan   Taiwan - the land of night markets, street food, Chinese culture, and drama series with 139762 episodes. My friend and I visited Taiwan recently, and even though the summer heat could easily rival that of Singapore, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.  If you’ve never been to...
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19 Ultra-Luxurious Hotel Getaways Near Singapore Under $200

Live like royalty under SGD$200 a night   The travel experience might include going out on the road, shopping, eating and other activities, but we can’t forget about our homes away from home - the hotels. Good or bad, hotels are an essential part of our travels. A good one...
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10 Reasons To Visit Taiwan For The First Time In 2015

About Taiwan   We arrived in Taiwan greeted by chilly winds and great anticipation of the experience to come. It was our first time here and there were so many things to do! Many of my friends have raved about their Taiwan adventures but I never fully understood why they were so...
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10 Lesser Known Hideouts in Taipei - From Hello Kitty Cafes to Restaurants Hidden in Fish Markets

The Lesser Seen Parts of Taipei   Cheap delicious food, beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Taiwan is a gorgeous land of food and shopping.  From it’s world famous night markets, such as Shi Lin, Xi Men Ding and Rao He, to the beautiful hot springs in Yang Ming Shan and Xin Bei...
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12 Unbelievable Things To Do In Taiwan That Most Tourists Do Not Know About

Beyond Taipei's Shopping and Food   Whenever Taipei is mentioned, many immediately think of the iconic Taipei 101, bustling night markets and mouth-watering small bites . While I am a fan of city life in Taipei, the geography of Taiwan has endowed her with more than just high rise buildings....
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12 MUST TRY Taiwanese Street Food

12 MUST TRY Taiwanese Street Food   Taipei is well known throughout the world for it’s night markets and street food. The hustle and bustle of the Taipei nightlife does not confine itself to bars and nightclubs, and the night markets stay open till past midnight, sometimes even till the...
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Your Singaporean guide to Taiwan - Top Things to Do & Eat!

Taiwan is an island rich with history and culture. It is also a country that has reaped much economic success over the years. Now, it has become a travelling haven for Singaporeans of all ages. Families go there to relax, married couples go there for their honeymoons and friends go...
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