8 Best SG52 Deals At Suntec City To Boost Our Economy With Minimal Wallet Damage

Suntec City SG52 National Day Deals
National Day Deals at Suntec City   Image credit:  @goodgoodeat123 When it comes to national spirit, there’s nothing more quintessentially Singaporean than the ability to snag one affordable deal after another. This year, Suntec City celebrates SG52 (21st July - 13th August) with irresistible deals ranging from dining to fashion...
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Carouselland - Singapore's Biggest Flea Market With Harry Potter Themed Decor And Free Gameboy Rentals

What To Expect At Carousell’s Bazaar   Adapted from Source Everyone knows that you can find even the most obscure items on Carousell . The homegrown customer to customer (C2C) platform debuted in 2012, and if it is known for anything, it’s that you can find everything on it from...
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9 1-for-1 Dining Deals At Suntec City To Help You 'Tank' Till Payday

1-for-1 Sirloin Steak at The Butcher's Kitchen
Suntec City's irresistible makan deals   Every single time my friends and I are stuck in a dilemma of where to go, the solution is typically just “town lor”. This is usually followed by aimless wandering along the streets of Orchard Road, ending up at our regular haunts, or binging...
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Suntec City's Countdown Party Is Completely FOC And Your Fav Local Acts Will Be There

Gentle Bones Celebrate 2017 Countdown With The Stars Suntec City
Usher in 2017 with a star-studded countdown at Suntec City   Source: @jonooiphotography As the year draws to a close, we’re seeing a steady flood of memes about how everyone just wants to get 2016 over and done with. Whether you share that sentiment or not, there’s no reason why...
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6 Oktoberfest Booze Promos At Suntec City - Beers For Only $5 When It Rains!

It's Oktober-feast at Suntec City   Imagine the entire population of Singapore turning up for a beer party the size of 4 standard football fields over a period of just 2 weeks. That's Germany's Oktoberfest for you - an annual festival of epic proportions. But you won't have to flock...
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9 Spoil Market Bites You Can Get in Suntec City for Just $2

Cheap eats that are two good to be true   Home to almost every kind of cuisine on the cultural spectrum, my culinary cravings have never failed to be satisfied by Suntec City’s massive assortment of dining options. Whether you're a school student thriving on a tight pocket-money budget or...
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Suntec City Created An Angry Birds Playground For Stress Relief This GSS. Here's What To Expect.

The Angry Birds Movie Playground Comes To Singapore   We live in a first-world country, but we Singaporeans have days when we’re under-happy. You read that right - un-DERhappy. An emotion so uniquely Singaporean, a national workplace survey coined a brand new adjective for it. Rejected by three UBERs in...
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District 10: A New Steak House Opens In Suntec City

Light At The End Of The Tunnel   For most of us, a nice piece of steak is an occasional luxury - if we have some extra cash to spare at the end of the month. If you’re looking for somewhere classy without having to stress over which forks to...
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Eat@7, ENBU - Singapore’s First Charcoal and Straw Grill Izakaya

About Eat @ 7, ENBU   Eat @ 7 is a brand new concept restaurant chain located at the roof garden of Suntec City - taking seven of the most popular food concepts from Japan to Singapore. ENBU is the first of the seven to officially open its doors, and...
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